Chapter 17 Vocab

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  1. Robot
    peasants had to perform services for land owning nobility
  2. Junkers
    the Prussian nobility
  3. Meritocracy
    government selected by the basis of their ability
  4. Pragmatic Sanction
    stated that Habsburg possessions were never to be divided / Provided inheritance of Austria to Hapsburg daughter Maria Theresa
  5. Time of Troubles
    Established Romanov dynasty
  6. Sparta of the North
    prussia under Frederick William I
  7. Service Nobility
    a group of newly made nobles who served in the tsar's army
  8. Third Rome
    idea that some European city is the successor to the legacy of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire
  9. Cossacks
    Military unit in Russia of refugees who gained right to self govern in return for protecting the borders
  10. Seuleiman the Magnificent
    longest reigning sultan of ottoman empire who witnessed the golden age and instituted political reforms
  11. Hereditary Subjigation
    Peasants were tied not only to land but also to their lords across generations
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Chapter 17 Vocab
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