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  1. explain sociological (inputs and outputs)
    • inputs to the vineyard or winery such as: education and qualifications of owners and workers as well as norms and values
    • outputs particularly related to the customers as: age, class, ethnicity, gender, incomes, norms, and values includes religions and demographic trends.
  2. political factors
    includes restrictions on exports and domestic sales such as societal laws : restrictions on sales of alcohol employment rights, minimum wages as well as government policies, tax, customer duties/tariffs.
  3. economic factors
    inflation, interest rates, exchanges rates - aka a higher $NZ punishes exporters
  4. Location
    a pivotal component in NZ due to our isolation from many primary markets. AUS was NZs biggest wine exporter in 2013 and the closest. UK and US were second and third, but pose greater locational challenges due to distance of shipping.
  5. Technology
    • Inputs: improve the winemaking and vineyard practices by both decreasing labour costs and imroving wine quality
    • Outputs: improves sales and distribution aspects such as -online ordering, delivery, credit card payments/paypal
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