Muscle Lab: random questions

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  1. This type of contraction is when the muscle shortens and can either flex or extend a joint
    Concentric contraction
  2. This type of contraction lengthens the muscle, when you brace or dampen a movement (running down hill)
    eccentric movement
  3. This type of contraction is when the muscle does not lengthen. An example is holding a book stationary.
  4. This term refers to the muscle that has the major responsibility for producing a specific movement
  5. This is a muscle that oppose or reverse a particular movement
  6. These muscles help the prime movers during contration, or they will stabilize a joint to allow a prime mover that spawns two joints to move only one.
  7. These muscles are the MAJOR MUSCLES OF INSPIRATION
    • Diaphragm
    • external intercostals
  8. In addition to the major muscles of inspiration, these muscles are used during "deep breaths in"
    • Sternocleidomastoid
    • Scalenus muscle
  9. These muscles are used when we blow out forcefully, called ACTIVE EXPIRATION
    • Internal intercostals
    • Abdominal Muscles
  10. This band of CT holds the tendons snug against the leg near the patella. It prevents "bow stringing" of the tendons.
  11. This muscle is missing in some people
  12. The muscles: gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris are sometimes referred to as _______.
    Triceps surae
  13. The triceps surae muscles convered into a common tendon of insertion. This is called the ___a___ tendon or commonly known as the ___b___ tendon.
    • a) calcaneal
    • b) achilles tendon
  14. "Say Grace before Tea" refers to what 3 muscles? What common tendon do all 3 insert into?
    • Sartorius
    • Gracilis
    • semiTendinosus

    pes anserinus
  15. What 3 muscles are referred to as "outcropping muscles of the posterior deep layer" in the antebrachium
    • Abductor pollicis longus
    • extensor pollicis Brevis
    • extensor pollicis Longus
  16. What 4 muscles make u the rotator cuff?
    • Teres minor
    • infraspinatus
    • supraspinatus
    • subscapularis
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