bio psych test 2 part 6

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  1. What does estrogen do in a female rat?
    Activates VMH (Ventromedial Hypothalamus), causing receptivity and Lordosis
  2. What does testosterone do in a male rat?
    Activates the medial preoptic area (mPOA) in male rats

    mPOA: mediates copulatory behavior
  3. What is a major difference in sexual behavior between humans and other animals?
    variety of reproductive behaviors, ability to subjectively report on experiences

    Some evidence that the main olfactory system can detect pheromones and MCH-related odors (although it's more likely that its NCH receptors)
  4. What are MHC molecules
    major histocompatibility; self proteins; controls a major part of the immune system, mediates interactions of white blood cells
  5. What determines sex
    Chromosomes, specifically Y contains sex-determining region (SRY) gene (early in fetal development)
  6. What determines Gender Identity
    Gender identity is a persons private sense and subjective experience of their own gender. explained by Interactionism
  7. What are the two primitive ductal systems in the fetus? Which can become male, female?
    Male: wolffian system of ducts

    Woman: Mullerian system of ducts
  8. What sex-limited gene causes the primitive
    gonads to become testes?
    SRY protein
  9. What hormone is released by testes that has organizing effects on the brain?
  10. What are dimorphic areas in the brain?
    Hypothalamus, anterior hypothalamus, anterior commissure, suprachiasmatic nucleus, caudal corpus callosum, spinal cord nuclei (SNB)
  11. What are some alternate variations in sexual development?
    Single X chromosome = turners syndrome - associated with underdeveloped females and neural delays;

    Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) = androgen receptor gene on X chromosome (Born without testosterone receptors), 100% report as female BUT are born without uterus.

    recombination effects/translocation- piece of chromosome breaks off and connects to other
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