industrial revolution study guide #2

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  1. Who helped improve the light bulb?
    Thomas Edison
  2. Once the light bulb was perfected, Edison had to develop an entire electrical system to
    make the light bulb practical and to showcase its potential was developed. 
    What did he do to make this happen?
    He built a power generating station in New York City that provided power to light office buildings.
  3. Edison’s invention eventually led to the creation of the_____________  in the early 1890’s.
    General Electric Company
  4. It was many years after Edison’s invention that electricity finally reached Americans
    rural areas.
  5. Alexander Graham Bell developed his invention of the telephone into a major corporation
    called Bell Telephone Company, which later became
    AmericanTelephone and Telegraph (AT&T).
  6. What did the Wright Brothers start?
    The aircraft industry
  7. The
    Wright Brothers experimented with a flying machine for several years before
    their motorized airplane flew for 12 seconds at----------------in  1903.
    Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
  8. Albert Einstein was not an inventor but a physicist who made significant contributions
    to science and to the U.S. emerging as a world power. He is best known for
    his theory of relativity.
  9. Einstein was a Jew who fled Germany in 1933. He came to the US as an
  10. Einstein was helpful in convincing the US president to start the Manhatten Project,
    which developed the _____________.
    atomic bomb
  11. Why did many immigrants leave their home country?
    • They fled to escape:
    • poverty,
    • religious persecutions,
    • war
  12. What attracted (pulled) immigrants to the United States during the Industrial Revolution?
    • economic opportunities (jobs),
    • political freedom
    • social equality
  13. Why were immigrants such an important factor to industrial growth during the Industrial
    They provided the workforce the industries needed.
  14. What major processing center did many immigrants come through when they came to
    Ellis Island and Angel Island
  15. Explain why many American workers did not
    like or resented immigrants?
    Immigrants would work for lower wages.
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