Indian and Japanese vocab for lit.

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  1. Immortality
    quality or state of being exempt from death; unending existence
  2. distinguishing
    serving to mark as separate or different
  3. stems
    stops or dams up (river)
  4. palpable
    able to be touched, felt, or handled
  5. mitigated
    moderated; eased
  6. caricature
    likeness or imitation that is so distorted or inferior as to seem ridiculous
  7. scruples
    feelings of doubt over what is ethical
  8. prevades
    spreads throughout
  9. manigested
    proved or revealed
  10. dispel
    cause to vanish
  11. invoked
    called on for help
  12. pristine
    unspoiled; uncorrupted
  13. obesquiously
    in a manner that shows too great a willingness to serve
  14. rank
    foul; odorous
  15. elixir
    magical potion that cures all ailments
  16. accrue
    come to as an advantage or a right
  17. tardily
  18. reprobate
  19. extirpate
    exterminate; destroy or remove completely
  20. skulks
    lurks in a cowardly way
  21. manifestation
    material form
  22. contention
    disputing quarelling
  23. calmaity
    deep trouble
  24. submissive
    yielding; without resistance
  25. homage
  26. chastisement
  27. ritual
    observance of prescribed rules
  28. bias
    prejudice partiality
  29. eddies
    waters moving in circles against the main current
  30. scurry
    to run hastily; scamper
  31. pathos
    quality in something that evokes sorrow or compassion
  32. imperceptibly
    without being noticeable
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