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  1. pertaining to,involving,or affecting two or both sides,factions,parties or the like.
    • bi la te ral
    • bilateral

  2. elated
    la ted ly

    • very happy or proud. 
    • an elated winner of a contest
    • to make very happy or proud. 
    • news to elate the hearer
  3. very happy or proud. 

    to make very happy or proud.
    • an elated winner of a contest
    • news to elate the hearer
    • Be not elated at any excellence that is not your own.
    • Exhausted and elated,I am ready to head home tomorrow.
    • the students were elated.
    • the elated crowd soon grew angry
  4. aus pi cious


    promising success;favourable: an auspicious occasion
  5. cryptesthesia
    crypt esthe sia

  6. aloof
    a loof

    • adv.at a distance, especially in feeling or interest;apart.远离,避开
    • they always stood aloof from their classmates.
    • adj. 疏远的,冷淡的。 reserved,disinterested.
    • Because of his shyness,he had the reputation of been aloof.

  7. comprehensive
    com pre hen sive

    • adj. of large scope,covering or involving much;inclusive.
    • 全面的,广泛的,能充分理解的
    • A comprehensive study of world affairs.
    • insurance: covering or providing broad protection.
    • we truly feel that this has to be a comprehensive approach.

  8. chthonian
    ch tho ni an

    of or pertaining to the deities,spirits, and other beings dwelling under the earth.

  9. trifling
    tri fl ing

    • adj. 无聊的,不重要的,轻浮,轻佻的
    • a small value,cost or amount.
    • a trifling sum.
    • a trifling matter.
    • trifling conversation.
    • trifle

    • an article or thing of very little value. 
    • 闲聊,玩忽,浪费,虚掷

  10. tyranny
    ty ran ny

  11. oppressive

    • burdensome, unjustly harsh or tyrannical.
    • an oppressive king.
    • oppressive law.
    • causing discomfort by being excessive intense,elaborate.
  12. omnipotent

    omni po tent
    having very great or unlimited authority or power
  13. cupidity
    cu pi di ty

    • n. eager or excessive desire, especially to posses something.
    • greed
  14. avarice
    a va ri ce
    • 贪财,贪婪
    • insatiable greed for riches;inordinate,miserly,desire to gain and hoard 积聚钱财 wealth.

  15. miserly
    mi ser ly 

    /mai ser li/
    • adj. stingy,
    • befitting a miser (守财奴,吝啬鬼)
    • even by the miserly standards of the current recovery,that was low.
    • the other half of the time, you have insulted them by being miserly.
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