OSCE Preparation Questions

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  1. Describe the labelling requirements for when an injectable medication is drawn into a syringe
    (6 points)
    • Total amount of active ingredient (med name) added to the syringe must be identified
    • Total volume of fluid contained in the syringe must be identified in mL
    • Concentration (units/mL) must be identified
    • All injectable meds drawn up into syringe should be labelled immediately 
    • If multiple syringes are required they should be prepared, labelled and administered sequentially as independent operations
    • The label is to be placed parallel to the long axis of the syringe barrel with the top edge flush but not covering the graduations. If this isn't practical i.e small syringe apply label as flag
  2. Name the legal requirements of the second staff member during a Schedule 8 medication administration
    (7 points)
    • 1. The second RN must be present for the whole procedure including 
    • 2. The removal of drugs from S8 stores
    • 3. Preparation of med i.e drawing up syringe
    • 4. Discarding and rendering unusable the unusable portion of meds
    • 5. Recording the drug in the S8 register
    • 6. Transfer of medication to the patient
    • 7. During admin of med to the patient including confirming pt id, selection of right med, dose and calculation are correct and countersigning the med chart
  3. Explain the requirements and procedures for administering a nurse initiated medications
    (7 points)
    • The nurse initiated medication must have first been approved by the Drug and Therapeutics Committee
    • No prep containing a S4 & 8 drug may be included as a nurse initiated meds
    • A record admin must be made in the nurse initiated medicines section of the pt med record
    • Be aware that minor ailments may be symptoms of other more serious diseases or adverse reactions to meds prescribed
    • May interact with pt prescribed meds
    • Maximum daily recommendation dose must not be exceeded
    • Not be administered on a continual/ongoing basis unless reviewed and ordered by an authorised prescriber
  4. Describe the information that must be recorded in the S8 drug register when a S8 med is administered to a patient 
    (8 points)
    • Date and time of the day the med is to be given
    • Patient name
    • Name of the prescriber
    • The amount administered
    • The amount discarded
    • Balance remaining in the drug register after the transaction
    • Full and legible signature of person making the entry
    • Full and legible signature of witness too
  5. Other then the 5 rights of safe medication administration, identify the responsibilities of a nurse when administering meds 
    (7 points)
    • Check pt allergy/adverse reaction status
    • Educate pt regarding need for/effect of meds
    • Validity of the prescription order i.e legibility and approved abbreviations
    • Nursing knowledge/understanding of actions/effects/drug2drug interactions
    • Accuracy of dose/drug prescribed in relation to the individual pt status
    • Necessary obs/check pathology prior/subsequent to admin of meds
    • Documents medication administration on chart
  6. Identify what is to be documented by the prescriber on the National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) before regular medication can be administered?
    (9 points)
    • Date of med order
    • Meds active ingredient and or proprietary name
    • Strength and form of drug
    • Route of administration
    • Indictation for treatment
    • Dose to be administered
    • Frequency and time for administration
    • Maximum number of dose or max duration of treatment with medication
    • Prescribers name PRINTED and signed, contact number/pager
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