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  1. exclusive powers
    those powers exercised solely by national government
  2. block grant
    federal aid given to states and local governments with virtually no conditions attached
  3. reserved powers
    those powers not denied to the states, and not granted specifically to the national government by the constitution
  4. division of powers
    the separation of governmental powers between the national government and the 50 states government
  5. delegated powers
    those powers granted in the constitution only to the national government
  6. privileges and immunities clause
    provides that a state cannot take unfair advantage in its laws of the residents of another state.
  7. act of admission
    in order for a new state to be admitted to the union, congress must pass an _______ after state constitution has been approved by the people of the proposed state
  8. grants-in-ad program
    states may receive grants of federal land under a ____ for such purposes as establishing schools and colleges 
  9. enabling act
    congress must pass an _____ before a terrritory can write a proposed state constitution 
  10. privileges and immunities act
    according to the _________ a state cannot take unfair advantage in its laws of the residents from  another state
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