Chapter 6 - The Flow of Energy

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  1. Thermodynamics is the stud yof
    Branch of chemistry that is concerned with energy changes
  2. How are cells governed?
    Cells are governed by the laws of physics and chemistry
  3. Energy is:
    The capacity to do work
  4. How many states of energy are there and what are they named?
    There are two states and they are Kinetic and Potential energy
  5. What is Kinetic energy
    Kinetic energy is the energy of motion
  6. What is potential energy?
    Potential energy is stored energy
  7. Although it only exists in two states there are many forms of energy including:
    Mechanical, heat, sound, electrical, light, and radioactivity.
  8. What is the most convenient way to measure energy?
  9. 1 calorie is?
    The heat required to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius and it must be lower case
  10. Energy flows into the biological word from?
    The sun
  11. Photosynthetic organisms get there energy from
    The sun
  12. The energy harvested by photosynthetic organisms is stored in?
    Potential energy in chemical bonds
  13. Oxidation is:
    Atom or a molecule that loses an electron
  14. Reduction is:
    Atom or molecule that gains an electron
  15. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions(redox) are always
  16. The first law of thermodynamics states:
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another and during each conversion some energy may be lost as heat
  17. The second law of thermodynamics states:
    Entropy (disorder) is continuously increasing, Energy transformation proceed spontaneously to convert matter from more ordered/less stable to less order/more stable form
  18. Free Energy. G =
    Energy available to do work
  19. G = H - TS
    H = Enthalpy, T = Temperature, S = Entropy (unavailable energy)
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