Sociology ch. 10 terms

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  1. Absolute poverty
    inability to afford the minimal requirements for sustaining a reasonably healthy existence
  2. authority
    Possession of some status or quality that compels others to obey ones commands
  3. Caste system
    stratification system based on hereditary, with little movement allowed across strata
  4. Colonization
    Process of expanding economic markets by invading and establishing control over weaker country and its people
  5. Competitive individualism
    Cultural belief that those who succeed in society are those who work hardest and have the best abilities and vice versa
  6. Estate or Feudal System
    Stratification system in which high-status groups own land and have power based on noble birth
  7. False consciousness
    Situation in which people in the lower classes come to accept a belief system that harms them; the primary means by which powerful classes in society prevent protest and revolution
  8. Means of production
    Land, commercial enterprises, factories, and wealth that form the economic basis of class societies
  9. Middle Class
    group of people with intermediate level of wealth such as managers, executives, and proffessionals
  10. Near-poor
    people whose earnings are between 100% and 125% of the poverty line
  11. Poor
    group of people who work for minimum wage or are chronically unemployed
  12. Poverty Line
    amount of yearly income a family requires to meet its basic needs, according to the federal government
  13. Poverty rate
    Percentage of people whose income falls below the poverty line
  14. Power
    Ability to affect decisions in ways that benefit a person or protect his or her interests
  15. Prestige
    respect and honor given to people
  16. Relative poverty
    people's economic position compared with the living standards of the majority in the society
  17. Slavery
    Economic form of inequality in which some people are legally the property of others
  18. Social class
    Group of people who share a similar economic position in a society, based on wealth and income
  19. Social Mobility
    Movement of people or groups from one class to another
  20. Socioeconomic Status
    Prestige, honor, respect, and lifestyle associated with different positions or groups in society
  21. Stratification
    Ranking system for groups of people that perpetuates the unequal rewards and life changes in society
  22. Upper class
    • people who have high income and prestige
    • celebrities, owners of large corporations
  23. Working Class
    people who have a low level of wealth, income, and prestige, such as industrial and factory workers
  24. Working Poor
    people who make wages but not enough
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