Chap 4

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  1. block grants
    • National government funding provided to state
    • and local governments, with a couple of restrictions on spending and can be
    • unlimited.
  2. civic volunteerism
    • Citizen participate in public life without
    • government influence
  3. concurrent powers
    Powers shared by national and state governments
  4. cooperative federalism
    • (Marble cake) Mingled governing authority, with
    • functions overlapping across national and state governments
  5. devolution
    • Transferring responsibility from national to
    • state or local government level
  6. diffusion
    • Spreading of policy ideas for one city or state
    • to others; a process typical of US federalism
  7. granted powers
    • National government powers set out explicitly in
    • the Constitution
  8. full faith and credit clause
    • The constitutional requirement that each state
    • recognize and uphold laws passed by any other state.
  9. grant-in-aid
    • National funds accompanied with instructions of
    • how local and state officials should spend the money
  10. inherent powers
    National government powers implied by, but not specifically named in the Constitution
  11. necessary and proper clause
    • Also known as elastic clause, because it
    • stretches national government authority to include everything implied in the
    • Constitution’s text
  12. new federalism
    • Version of cooperative federalism, but with
    • stronger emphasis on state and local government activity, vs. national
    • government
  13. reserved powers
    • The constitutional guarantee that the states
    • retain government authority not given to the national government
  14. supremacy clause
    • The constitutional declaration that the national
    • government’s authority prevails over any conflicting state or local
    • government’s claims
  15. unfunded mandate
    • Law or regulation imposing a duty be paid
    • primarily by state or local officials
  16. unitary government
    • A nation being governed as a single unit, with
    • the central government exercising all or most political power.
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