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  1. accomodations
    • Principle that government doesn’t violate the
    • establishment clause as long as it doesn’t imply advantages to some religions
    • over others
  2. civil liberties
    • Limits placed on government so people can freely
    • exercise their rights
  3. double jeopardy
    • An individual cannot be tried twice for the same
    • offense
  4. establishment clause
    • In the 1st Amendment, the principle that government may not establish an official
    • religion.
  5. grand jury
    • Jury not deciding on guilt or innocence but
    • whether there is enough evidence to go to trial.
  6. hate crime
    • Crime connecting to prejudice based on
    • appearance
  7. hate speech
    • Hostile statements based on someone’s
    • appearance.
  8. jim crow
    • Racial segregation lasting from 1890 to 1965 in
    • the US South
  9. judicial rule
    Rules setting clear boundaries between what is lawful and what is not
  10. judicial standard
    Guiding principles helping governments make judgment calls
  11. Miranda warning
    A set of rights that police officers are required to inform suspects
  12. exclusionary rule
    • Evidence obtained in an illegal search may not
    • be used in court
  13. prior restraint
    Legal effort to stop speech before it occurs
  14. selective incorporation
    A process of extending protections from the Bill of Rights to the state governments.
  15. symbolic expression
    An act used to represent a point of view
  16. USA patriot act
    Enhanced national security after 9/11
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