Cognitive and Perceptual Disorders

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  1. Frontal Lobe
    • Motor strip location
    • Impulsivity
    • Long term memory
    • Emotion
    • Social Functioning
    • Voluntary Movement
    • Creativity
    • Expressive Language
  2. Parietal Lobe
    • Sensory strip location
    • Perception
    • Ability to draw
    • Calculations
    • Touch
    • Reading and
    • Writing
  3. Temporal Lobe
    • Short term memory
    • Hearing
    • Initiation of verbal
    • Verbal and written recognition memory
    • Receptive Memory
    • Music
  4. Occipital Lobe
    • Perception
    • Vision
  5. Motor Strip Location
    Frontal Lobe
  6. Impulsivity
    Frontal Lobe
  7. Long term memory
    Frontal Lobe
  8. Emotion
    Frontal Lobe
  9. Social Functioning
    Frontal Lobe
  10. Voluntary Movement
    Frontal Lobe
  11. Creativity
    Frontal Lobe
  12. Expressive Language
    Frontal Lobe
  13. Sensory strip location
    Parietal Lobe
  14. Perception
    Parietal Lobe, Occipital Lobe
  15. Ability to draw
    Parietal Lobe
  16. Calculations
    Parietal Lobe
  17. Touch
    Parietal Lobe
  18. Reading and writing
    Parietal Lobe
  19. Short term memory
    Temporal Lobe
  20. Hearing
    Temporal Lobe
  21. Initiation of verbal
    Temporal Lobe
  22. Verbal and written recognition memory
    Temporal Lobe
  23. Receptive memory
    Temporal Lobe
  24. Music
    Temporal Lobe
  25. Normal brain requires consistent metabolic activity throughout the
    cerebral cortex
  26. Alzheimer's Dementia - reduced metabolic activity in the
    parietal and temporal lobe
  27. Pick's Disease - reduced metabolic activity in the
    frontal lobe
  28. Causes of Brain Damage
    • Neurodegeneration (Alzheimer/Dementia, Huntington's, Parkinson's)
    • Trauma (TBI, brain tumors, stroke)
    • Pre, Peri, Post- Natal Pathology (Autism, ADHD, CP, Learning Disability)
  29. Process of knowing including awareness, reasoning, judgement, intuition, and memory
  30. Ability to select those stimuli that require attention and action, to integrate those stimuli together and with prior knowledge, interpret them.
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