Romans vocab

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  1. mortal

    • subject to death;having a transitory life: all mortal creatures.
    • this mortal life.
    • belonging to this world.
    • deadly or implacable;relentless: a mortal enemy
    • 不免一死的,临终的,人类的。 凡人,人类。
    • sure, I had a kid's understanding that mortal life ends.
    • At age 78, this Broadway legend is mortal, but she is never mere.
    • to the death:mortal combat.
    • they know mortal threat when they see one.

  2. degrade

    • to lower in character or quality;debase.
    • to reduce (someone)to a lower rank
    • 降低...的品格,降低。。。的地位,使丢脸,使降级
    • He felt they were degrading him by making him report to the supervisor.

    to become degraded

  3. deprave

    depravity (n.)

    • deprave mind
    • to make morally bad or evil;vitiate /vish-ee-eyt/
    • better take them away from those who might deprave them.
  4. strife

    • n.冲突,斗争,吵架,不和
    • competition or rivalry: the strive of the marketplace.
    • a quarrel,struggle, or clash: armed strive
    • vigorous or bitter conflict, discord,or antagonism:to be at strife
  5. deceit

    /di sit/ (n.)
    deceitful( adj.)
    but his entire position is built upon deceit (谎言)and deception(诡计,欺骗)

  6. malice
    /mæ lis/

    • n. desire to inflict /in-flikt/(施以,加害)injury,harm, or suffering on another.
    • 恶意,怨恨,蓄意
    • Most dealers attribute these troubles more to ignorance then malice, although scammers are not unknown.
    • Worse is when actual malice is the motivation for bad advice.
    • But he didn't seem to make the moves for malice or for personal gain.
    • their tastes for malice and melodrama are much the same.

  7. slander

    defamation;calumny:rumors full of slander.
  8. ruthless

    without pity or compassion,cruel
  9. decree
    • n.颁布,判决,裁定,命令,法定,天意
    • Grammar is subject to majority rule, not autocratic decree.
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