US History Exam 2 (2)

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  1. Limited European immigration to 150,000 per year; barred Asians from entering (except Filipinos); no limits on immigration from Western Hemisphere; new category: "illegal aliens"
    Immigration Act of 1924
  2. Prohibited production, sale, or transport of alcoholic beverages; aim: to take profit out of liquor trade and reduce alcohol consumption (enforced prohibition amendment, beginning January 1920)
    Volstead Amendment
  3. Controlled illegal liquor trade
    Purple Gang
  4. "Scarface", Biggest bootlegger during the prohibition era (American Gangster)
    Al Capone
  5. Trail of John Scopes; Tested law that forbade any theory that goes against biblical teachings (Divine Creation)
    Scopes Monkey Trial
  6. Men and Women see savings disappear; as a result, they saw and anticipated the hunger of their children before it begins; therefore, couples put off having children
    Clutch of Cold Fear
  7. Great Plains countries where millions of tons of topsoil were blown away from parched farmland in the 1930's; massive migration of farm families followed
    Dust Bowl
  8. John Steinbeck's novel and a popular film based on the book captured their plight, tracing a dispossessed family's trek from Oklahoma to California
    The Grapes of Wrath
  9. Federal program established in 1932 under President Herbert Hoover to loan money banks and other institutions to help them avert bankruptcy (Loans to Railroads financial institutions, banks, insurance companies)
    RFC (Restriction Finance Company)
  10. Prohibited commercial banks from selling stock or financing corporations; created Federal Deposit Insurance Company (Established the FDIC and included banking reforms, some designed to control speculation. Repealed in 1999, opening the door to scandals involving banks and stock investment companies)
    Glass-Steagall Act
  11. Headed by Hugh Johnson; worked with business leaders to establish industry codes- set standards for output, prices, working conditions (textile, steel, mining)
    NRA (National Recovery Administration)
  12. New Deal legislation that established the Agricultural Adjustment Administration to improve agricultural prices by limiting market supplies; declared unconstitutional in United Sates v. Butler (raised farm prices, set quotas; intended to reduce surpluses and increase prices; any access would be destroyed- i.e crops)
    AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act 1933)
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