Vein Mapping

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  1. What vessels can be used for CABGs?
    • 1.) Greater Saphenous vein
    • 2.) Superficial Cephalic veins
    • 3.) Basilic veins
    • 4.) Radial vein
    • 5.) Ulnar vein
    • 6.) Internal Mammary veins
  2. What 2 procedures are involved with vein mapping?
    • 1.) Determine vein suitability
    • 2.) Mapping and marking the course of the vein
  3. What information is collected for Determine vein suitability? (9)
    • 1. Is the vein present or patent?
    • 2. Does it have residual thrombus?
    • 3. How long is it?
    • 4. What is the path it takes?
    • 5. Does it consist of a double system?
    • 6. Is the vein appropriate size?
    • 7. Are the walls of the vein abnormal?
    • 8. Any aneurysmal segments or tortuous?
    • 9. Any large branches and how many stemming from it?
  4. What is the percent of the population that has a single GSV?

    What is the percent of the population that has variants of the GSV?
    • single- 65%
    • Variants- 35%
  5. What is considered the appropriate size of a vein used for CABGs?
    0.20 cm or greater in diameter
  6. What is considered abnormal for vein walls?
    when they thicker than normal
  7. Where does the GSV run...

    Distal end?

    Prox end?
    superficially in an anteromedial aspect

    Distal end- in front of the medial mealleolus

    Prox end- joins the CFV in the groin.
  8. What is the area called where the GSV meets the CFV in the groin?
    sapheno-femoral junction
  9. What position is the patient put in for the vein mapping procedure?
    reverse Trendelenburg position
  10. What 7 areas will we measure when measuring the GSV?
    • 1.) saphem junction
    • 2.) mid thigh
    • 3.) distal thigh (above the knees)
    • 4.) At the knee
    • 5.) Below the kneee
    • 6.) Calf
    • 7.) Ankle
  11. What should you make sure to not do when measuring diameters of the veins?
    Do not compress the vein with the transducer.
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