ARC 2 Test 2 Part 2

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  1. Peacock Arches
    Arches with scallops
  2. Dwan-I-Am
    Public audience hall
  3. Dwan-I-Khas
    Private audience hall
  4. Domed Mosque
    • Dome center vs. a hypostyle mosque
    • -Blue mosque an example
  5. Madresa
    College students of religion or religious law
  6. Sinan the Great
    • a.k.a. Koca. 1490-1580's
    • -A turkish architect
  7. Daga
    Finishing layer of clay on buildings
  8. Saltbox
    • A saltbox is a building with a long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back, generally a wooden frame house. A saltbox has just one story in the back and two stories in the front.
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  9. Quoins
    • Masonry blocks at the corner of a wall.
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  10. Palladian Window
    • Consists of a central light with semicircular arch over, carried on an impost consisting of a small entablature, under which, and enclosing two other lights, one on each side
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  11. New England vs Virginian Colonial Styles
    • -New England: Built Primarily out of wood using styles that were found in England. Dutch colonial homes were in style
    • -Virginia: "Southern Colonial" style. Homes with a hall and parlor with a central passage
  12. Laugier
    • Book: "Speaking Architecture"
    • -Beginning of modern architecture
    • -Honest architecture, Greek over Roman styles
    • -Column, entablature, pediment
    • -Primitive hut
    • -Nothing in the building that you cannot give a reason for
  13. Massachusetts State House
    • Boston, Charles Bulfinch, 1770's
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  14. Circus
    • Bath England, 1754
    • -Looks like inside out colosseum
    • -3 stacked levels
    • -33 houses
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  15. Isaac Newton's Centoaph
    • Unbuilt, 1784, Boullée
    • -Sphere, large in dimension
    • -Meant to emulate the heavens, holes in roof for natural light
    • -Shrine for Isaac Newton in center
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  16. *Royal Salt Works
    • Arc-et-Senans, 1775, Ledoux
    • -Next to forests so easy access to timber
    • -Reflects order
    • -Hierarchy to building order
    • -Semi-circle plan yet somewhat oval
    • -Represents sun's path
    • -Cardinal direction orientation
    • -Classical order is put in a theatrical light
    • -Stone work inside and out to show what building is for
    • -Decorative references to the salt making process throughout the building
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  17. Serpentine Walls
    • A curved wall. Economizes use of bricks because it can be made one brick thick without toppling over
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  18. Monticello 2
    • Charlottesville, VA, Thomas Jefferson, 1790
    • -On a hill
    • -Modeled after Hotel de Salm
    • -Jefferson treats it as a Roman Villa
    • -House filled with gadgets
    • -Frieze/dentils
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  19. University of Virginia
    • Charlottesville, VA, Thomas Jefferson, 1817
    • -Inspired by the Pantheon
    • -Palladian architecture, Paladio inspired
    • -Much like Monticello 2
    • -Image Upload
  20. Gottfried Semper
    • 19th c.
    • -4 elements: platform, hearth, roof, and enclosure
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