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  1. What are the 6 determinants of attraction & liking?
    -physical attraction





  2. Physical attractiveness) computer dance study results
    Shortest predictor of whether students would pursue a second date was ratings of physical attractiveness
  3. Short quote to summarize halo effect?
    What is beautiful is good
  4. What is the halo effect?
    Attractive people seen as sociable, extroverted, popular, intellectual, successful, sexier, happier, more assertive
  5. Is halo effect present universal?
    It has been shown to be cross cultural, universal
  6. Physical attractiveness) Regan and berscheid findings:
    Physical attractiveness was the most important characteristic in determining desire
  7. Why does physical attractiveness lead to liking? (2)
    -radiating effect of beauty

    -evolutionary explanation
  8. Why does physical attractiveness lead to liking?) radiating effect of beauty
    • Being seen with an attractive person may enhance your self image
    • *pretty by assocaiiton
  9. Why does physical attractiveness lead to liking?) evolutionary explanation
    Physical attractiveness may be an important clue to good health and reproductive fitness
  10. What do attractive people look like) what do babyface features elicit?
    Feelings of warmth and nurturance
  11. What do attractive people look like) is there a high correlation of attractiveness across cultures?
  12. What do attractive people look like) infants and attractive faces
    Infants prefer the same photos of attractive faces that adults chose also
  13. What do attractive people look like) averaging different faces together are more...
    Attractive than original photos
  14. What do attractive people look like) average faces are less attractive than
    Averaging high attractive faces
  15. What is the propinquity effect?
    We like those who are physically closer to us in proximity
  16. Propinquity effect) what is the best predictor of whether 2 people will be friends?
    How far apart they live
  17. Propinquity effect) Westgate west_ grad housing findings
    They made more friends with one another when they were next door than two doors down or opposite end
  18. What's driving the propinquity effect? (3)
    -not explained by typical friendship variables

    • -it is dissonant to work or live near someone we dislike or to be away from those we like
    • *cognitive dissonance

  19. Familiarity ) mere exposure effect?
    The more exposure we have to a stimulus the more we are apt to like it
  20. Familiarity ) confederate in classroom study findings
    -when the confederate attended class more frequently they were rated as more attractive even though he never spoke to anybody
  21. Familiarity ) mere exposure work with anything?
    Yes even subliminally
  22. Mere exposure and selfies
    We tend to not like selfie pics because we are used to the way we look at ourselves in mirror
  23. Why does familiarity lead to liking? Evolutionary explanation
    Innate fear of unfamiliar

  24. Why does familiarity lead to liking) cognitive explanation
    Familiar people are more similar to ourselves
  25. What effect does familiarity have  on things we don't like?
    More exposure causes greater disliking
  26. Similarity) what is matching principle?
    Tendency to choose romantic partners similar to us in values, attitudes, physical appearance, social background, and perosnality
  27. Similarity) Liking people similar to us
    We tend to like people who are similar to us in attitudes, interests, values, background, and personality
  28. Does similarity lead to liking or other way around?) transfer student study finsings
    The more similar they were the higher chance they retained one anohter
  29. Why does similarity lead to liking? (4)
    -validate our own self wortg

    -cognitive dissonance

    -expectancy-value theory

  30. What is limitation of similarity-liking relationship?
    If something bad happens to someone similar to us, differences can then be psychologically rewarding
  31. Opposites attract?) what are these good for?
    They attract for 1 night stands but not much else
  32. Reciprocity) idea behind this?
    Generally we like those who like us
  33. Reciprocity) self fulfilling prophecy
    We act more likeable to those whom we think like us which they in turn like us for liking them
  34. Reciprocity) how does self esteem moderate this? (2)
    -people with high/moderate esteem like those who like them

    -people with low esteem prefer those who criticize them rather than those who praise or have positive views about them
  35. Secrecy) footsie study: card game
    We liked people more when they played secret footsie than the people that had no contact or had accidental footsie.
  36. Asking someone to do favor for you ...
    • Increases their attraction to you
    • *ben Franklin effect
  37. What is pratfall effect?
    Being perfect but then messing up just a little bit makes someone like you even more
  38. Disliking someone at first and attraction
    If you dislike someone right away but then wind up liking them later, you will like them even more than if you had first liked them
  39. What do attractive people lok like? (7)
    -large eyes

    -small nose

    -small chin

    -prominent cheekbones

    -high eyebrows

    -large pupils

    -big smile
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