US History Exam 2 (4)

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  1. American navy turned back Japanese fleet en route to Australia
    Battle of Coral Sea
  2. AKA the Invasion of North Africa, British and American troops could be indirect combat with Germans
    Operation Torch
  3. The Pittsburg Courier coined the phrase that came to symbolize black attitudes during the war; Victory over Germany and Japan, it insisted, must be accompanied by victory over segregation at home.
  4. Named after Capt. Robert Morgan's wartime sweetheart Mary K Polk; This B-17 flying fortress completed 25 combat missions from November 1942 to May 17 1943; dropped more than 60 tons of bombs on Germany, France  and Belgium
    Memphis belle
  5. Japanese gathered up and placed in interment camps; placed in remote areas of 7 states
    Executive Order 9066
  6. System agreed to by Mexican and American governments in 1942 under which tens of thousands of Mexicans entered the US to work temporarily in agricultural jobs in the Southwest
    Bracero Program
  7. 1943 Los Angeles; sailors and policemen attacked Mexican- Americans blamed for rise in crime drugs and gang warfare
    Zoot Suit Riots
  8. Transmitted messages in complex language that could not be deciphered by the Japanese
    code talkers
  9. Big 3 met in Teheran, Iran; first time they met; proved to be high point of cooperation; FDR and Churchill committed to D day invasion
    Teheran Conference
  10. June 6, 1944, when an Allied amphibious assault landed on the Normandy coast and established a foothold in Europe, leading to the liberation of France from German occupation
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