CS 601 - Web Application Development

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  1. What is a favicon?
    • A Custom icon displayed to the left of a URL.  Typically you include two attributes:
    • The rel attribute indicates the relationship of the link to the document.
    • The href attribute provides the URL of the resource.
  2. The Head element contains how many meta elements?
    • Three.
    • meta charset - specifies the type of character encoding (UTF-8 is the common).
    • meta name="description" - content of the webpage
    • meta name ="keywords" - list of keywords
  3. Block elements consist of:
    • Heading and paragraphs
    • they are the main building blocks of a web site and can contain other elements.
    • h1 (level-1 heading), h2...h6, p (paragraph).
  4. An inline element is:
    coded within a block and doesn't begin on a new line.
  5. The inline elements for formatting text are:
    • i = italics
    • b = bold
    • sub = subscript
    • sup = superscript
    • br = start a new line (doesn't need a closing)
  6. the inline elements for identifying content are:
    • abbr = abbreviations
    • cite = citations
    • code = computer code
    • dfn = definitions
    • em = emphasized
    • kbd = keyboard entries
    • q = quotations
    • samp = characters that have no meaning(sample)
    • strong = should be emphasized.
    • var = computer variables
  7. HTML Semantic Elements:
    • header
    • section
    • article
    • nav
    • aside
    • footer
  8. What is an absolute URL?
    • The complete URL including the domain name for the site.
    • Absolute URL's let you display pages at other web sites.
  9. What is a relative URL?
    Is used to refer to a file in the current website.
  10. What is the <a> element?
    What is the basic attribute of that element?
    • <a> = anchor
    • Usually followed by href (specifies a relative or absolute URL for a link).
  11. There are two basic types of lists - ordered and unordered.  How do you code them?
    • <ul> - creates an unordered list.
    • <ol> - creates an ordered list.
    • <li> - creates a list item for either list
  12. How do you insert an image?
    What are some properties of inserting an image>
    • <img>
    • This is an empty tag (it does not need to be closed)
    • src - URL of the image
    • alt - alternative text to display if the image cannot be displayed.  It is read aloud by screen readers for users with disabilities.  It is required.
    • height - height of the image in pixels
    • Width - width of the image in pixels.
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