OChem II 2nd exam

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  1. What does Br2/hv do?
    adds a Br to stabilized carbocation spot
  2. What does 1. Li 2. CuI 3. R-Br do?
    removes an I(halogen) and attaches R group
  3. What does 1. Li 2. B(OEt)3 do?
    removes a halo and replaces with B(OEt)2 group
  4. What does PdL2/OH- do?
    removes B(OCH3)2 and adds a double bond with the Br on the given product (CH2=CHBr)
  5. What does 1. Mg 2. CH3OH do?
    removes the halo and hydrogenates
  6. 1. Mg, Et2O
    2. ethyloxycyclo (triangle with O in it)
    3. H+, H2O
    with halo forms cyclo, halo end gets Et2 group, other end gets OH
    adds Br group to any possible places while keeping the double bond
  8. HBr/ROOR
    adds Br to where double bond is
  9. Cl2/hv
    adds Cl to unstablized carbocation
  10. PdL2/Et3N
    attaches given double bond group
  11. Mg/triangle O group
    replaces halo with # of carbons and a OH not at end
  12. PdL2, OH-
    and a B(CH3O)-R
    attaches double bond of R group to where the B(OCH3)2 group is
  13. HBr/ROOR
    removes double bond and replaces with Br
  14. 1. HBr
    2. Li
    3. CuI
    4. CH3I
    removes double bond from cyclohexene and places R group in that spot
  15. 1. HBr, ROOR
    2. NaCN
    adds a CN group at end
  16. how to remove an halo and add a R group to an alkane
    • 1. Li
    • 2. CuI
    • 3. R-Br
  17. how to add a Br on the 2nd carbon (not at end)
  18. how to add a Cl
  19. how to add a double bond where a Br is
    • double bond Rgroup
    • PdL2, Et3N
  20. how to add a chain with a OH branched off where a Cl is
    • 1. Mg
    • 2. Triangle with O
  21. how to add a double bond group where a B(OCH3)2 is
    • PdL2, OH-
    • B(OCH3)2-R-group w/ double bond
  22. how to remove a double bond (from a alkene) and place a Br
    • HBr
    • ROOR
  23. how to remove a double bond from a cyclohexene and place an R-group in that spot
    • 1. HBr
    • 2. Li
    • 3. CuI
    • 4. CH3I
  24. How to add a CN to an Alkane
    • 1. HBr, ROOR
    • 2. NaCN
  25. how to add a Br without breaking double bond
  26. how to replace a double bond with a Br
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