chapter 10: Gender Expectation, Roles, and Behaviors

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  1. gender identity
    the sex (male or female) that a person identifies himself or herself to be
  2. gender roles
    a set of behaviors, attitudes and emotions that are generally socially expected for men and women in a given culture
  3. gender
    the masculinity-femininity dimension of our basic nature as humans
  4. turner syndrome
    a female genetic condition characterized by short stature, slow or no sexual development at puberty, heart abnormalities and lack of ovarian function
  5. intersex
    born with sexual anatomy that is neither completely male nor completely female but rather a combination with features of both
  6. transgender
    individuals whose gender identity varies from their biological sex
  7. gender identity disorder
    a strong cross-gender identification characterized by the desire to be the other sex, combined with persistent discomfort about one's biological sex or culturally prescribed gender role
  8. gender dysphoria
    refers to stress or discomfort stemming from the self-knowledge that one's biological sex does not conform to, or is the opposite of, his or her personal gender identity
  9. transsexual
    a transgender person who has transitional or is transitioning from his or her biological sex to his or her self-identified gender through actions, dress, hormone therapy, or surgery
  10. sex reassignment surgery
    surgical procedures use to transform physically an individual from one sex to the other, commonly known as a sex-change operation
  11. sexual orientation
    term specifying the sex of those to whom a person is primarily romantically, emotionally and sexually attracted
  12. gender stereotypes
    an assumption, usually negative, made about a person's appearance, behavior, or personality, based solely on his or her gender without regard for the person's individuality as a person
  13. cultural gender stereotypes
    beliefs about gender roles held by a majority of people in given cultural setting
  14. personal gender stereotypes
    beliefs about gender that are unique to each individual and may or may not agree with cultural stereotypes
  15. social alienation
    a passive form of aggression that includes behaviors such as malicious gossip, spreading negative rumors, and shunning
  16. two-dimensional model of gender
    an approach to defining gender suggesting that gender is not an either-or proposition but that people may manifest elements of both genders simultaneously
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