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  1. Procedure to withdrawing from approved training or seminar?
    Submit memo, fax, or email via Chain of Command to the ICJS Director.

    The above can be waived for emergencies and coordinator can be phoned or notified via memo after the fact.
  2. Training Certificate Submission Time frame?
    30 days.
  3. College Tuition Reimbursement (CTR) qualifications?
    • Regular Full-Time Employee.
    • Job related under or grad degree at institution recognized by FDLE or US Dept of Edu.
    • Reimbursed for (1) degree up and inc. BA.
    • Only pay up to the state rate.
  4. CTR Application for first time applicants must contain:
    • Submitted 2 Weeks before start date.
    • College Tuition Applicationand Funding Agreement (BSO TG# 50).
    • Copy of letter from the college stating acceptance.
    • Memo detailing relevance to job.
    • College program sheet listing required courses.
    • Fee schedule, receipt, and class schedule.
    • College Accreditation Documentation.
  5. CTR Grade Report Submission time frame?
    Grade Report or Official Transcript must be submitted within 30 days of course completion.
  6. BSO Testing passing scores?
    Written examinations or firearms qualifications will require  a minimum 80% passing score.
  7. What are the reasons for Remedial Training Requests?
    • Request of the Employee.
    • Request of the Employee's Supervisor or Cmdr.
    • Employee failed the minimum skills.
    • Requested by Admin/Inspection Process for disciplinary reasons.
  8. When will remedial training be completed?
    • Firearms Rem. will commence immediately.
    • Driver Awareness will commence after final disposition of Crash Appeals Board is received.
    • All other Rem. will be completed within 60 days.
  9. Remedial training may include:
    • OJT Coordinated at the Employee's Work Location.
    • Supervisory of Peer Coaching.
    • Formal Classroom Training.
    • E-Learning or Online Training.
    • Performance Action Plan.

    Failure to attend may result in discipline.
  10. What does IPS offer?
    • Classroom Facilities
    • Office Space for Instructors
    • Library
    • Driver Training Facilities
    • Physical Training Facilities
    • Firearms Training Facities

    BSO will maintain one full time position at IPS as the liaison.
  11. Basic recruit Training at IPS consists of how many hours?
    • 766 for DLE.
    • 532 for DOD.
  12. LE FTD program consists of how many weeks?
    • Academy Graduates: 16 Weeks
    • Former Cert: 10 Weeks
  13. Who are FTDs certified?
    40-hr FL CJSTC FTD Program.
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