Diseases Part 3

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  1. Cholera
    - way to et in
    - toxin
    - early on
    - effects
    • - need to consume it (fecal oral spread)
    • - toxin causes salt channels in colon to fail, causing release of water
    • - early on, its fecal and malodorous
    • - rice water stool due to protein metabolism
  2. Result of having cholera
    - problem for who?
    death due to?

    - appearance of individual
    • -20% of body weight lost
    •   people below age 12 and above age 70

    - death due to dehydration

    • sunken eyes and cheeks, rapid and weak or missing pulse
    • - water comes out of circ system--> increased viscosity of blood--> harder to pump--> renal system screwed up--> liver failure
  3. Death rate? 
    • death in less than 12 hours
    • colonize GI tract

    acidosis is secondary to protein metabolism
  4. Gonorrhoea
    - species
    - proteins
    - immune response
    - repeated infections?
    - Neisseria gonorrhoea: bacteria enters via direct contact of discontinuous epithelium 

    - OP proteins allow it to avoid the immune system

    - immunogenic: body builds immunity against it, but gonorrhoea can live inside WBC (don't get digested by lytic enzymes)

    - repeated infections: pH of pus is so acidic that the smoothness of the urinary tract turns into topographic surface; pus plug forms--? can't release pus or urine
  5. Syphilis
    - primary stage
    all get it

    • - cankers; bleed a bit and release bacteria
    • transfer through thin or discontinuous epithelium
    • witlow: non sexually transmitted lesion that forms if the bacteria gets into an open wound
  6. Syphilis 
    - second stage
    • no cankers
    • dermatologic; lacy red rash
    • syphilids: small, raised lesions about size of dime

    --> can cause hyperreactivity in connective tissue near infection
  7. Tertiary form of the disease
    • extremely rare
    • - syphilid like lesions
    • - dermatologic presentation; syphilid lke lesions (gumma usually on extremities due to small amount of connective tissue

    • -> neurosyphilis: fulid-filled cysts in brain-->dementia/ parkinson like syndrome
    • --> localized foci of necrosis, which become the cysts

    cardiosyphilis: thinning of walls of great vessels around heart--> teasing bv--> protruding aneurysms taht may result in death

    can cause secondary infections (gummata)
  8. Rare complication of syphilis
    perforation of hard palette
  9. Congenital Syphilis
    cat's eye

    sabre shin: one bowled shin

    Hutchinson's teeth

    deformed nasal bridge
  10. Chancroid
    • deepst cancre
    • most painful
    • men usually ahve one to four
    • women usualyl have one to seven 

    painful; erode the CT and use toxin from bacteria

    sexually and non-sexually
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