Edexcel Core Chemistry

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  1. How did oceans form?
    Water vapour cooled and condensed
  2. What produced the gases in the Earths early atmosphere?
    Volcanic activity
  3. What is the percentage of nitrogen in today's atmosphere?
  4. How did levels of carbon dioxide decrease?
    • Dissolved in water
    • Through photosynthesis
  5. What is the percentage of oxygen in today's atmosphere?
  6. Which gas did the early atmosphere contain a large amount of?
    Carbon dioxide
  7. How did the growth of plants affect gases in the Earth's early atmosphere?
    They decreased levels of carbon dioxide and increased levels of oxygen through photosynthesis
  8. What type of gas is carbon dioxide and which pollution problem does it create?
    A greenhouse gas which causes global warming
  9. What environmental impact does global warming have?
    It causes polar ice caps to melt
  10. What is causing carbon dioxide levels to increase in today's atmosphere?
    • Volcanic activity
    • Burning fossil fuels
    • Deforestation
    • Farming
  11. Why does deforestation cause levels of carbon dioxide to increase?
    Less trees to carry out photosynthesis therefore less carbon dioxide is absorbed
  12. What is the word equation for copper reacting with oxygen?
    Copper + Oxygen --> Copper oxide
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