AP Psych: Operant Conditioning Quiz

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  1. Only being afraid of certain spiders, instead of all spiders
  2. Your bell schedule in school
    Fixed Interval Schedule (FI)
  3. Losing your car after getting an obscene speeding ticket
  4. Creating the theory that learning is attained via observationa nd imitation
  5. Gambling at the casino- and eventually winning
    Variable Ratio Schedule (VR)
  6. Responsible for the creation of Operant Conditioning
  7. Responsible for the creation of Classical Conditioning
  8. Piaget Pennies, Darwin Dough, Bio-bucks...etc...are all examples of
    Token Economy
  9. Classical Conditioning is...
  10. Operant Conditioning is...
  11. Operant Conditioning
    • type of learning
    • behavior is strengthened if followed by a reinforcer or diminished by a punishment
  12. Reinforcement
    • In Operant Conditioning
    • Strengthens the behavior
  13. Shaping
    • In Operant Conditioning
    • Procedure in which reinforcers guide behavior toward the desired behavior
  14. Law of Effect
    • Thorndike
    • Behavior is more likely to occur with favorable consequences
    • Behavior is less likely to occur with unfavorable consequences
  15. Primary Reinforcers
    (3 types)
    • Food
    • Sex
    • Water

    Is innately in everyone
  16. Secondary Reinforcers
    • ex: Money
    • Gains power because of association with primary reinforcer
    • They are learned
  17. Punishment
    Event that decreases behavior that it follows
  18. Positive Reinforcement
    Increasing behaviors by presenting positive reinforcers.
  19. Negative Reinforcement
    • Brings on relief
    • Takes away a stimulus to increase behavior
    • ex: Advil
  20. Continuous Reinforcement
    Reinforcing the desired response everytime it occurs

    • Good: Shaping occurs quickly
    • Bad: Extinction occurs quickly
  21. Partial Reinforcement
    Only reinforces part of the time

    • Good: Extinction is harder to take place
    • Bad: $ and Time consuming
  22. Over Justification
    Doing something only to receive a reward at the end because you've done it over and over again so many times
  23. 4 types of Partial Reinforcement
    • Fixed Ratio
    • Variable Ratio
    • Fixed Interval
    • Variable Interval
  24. Fixed Ratio/FR Schedule
    Reinforcing the response only after a specific number of responses

    ex: Car salesmen get paid by how many cars they sell (commission)
  25. Variable Ratio/VR Schedule
    • Is the strongest
    • Reinforcing the response after a unpredictable amount of responses

    ex: Gambling at the casino
  26. Fixed Interval/FI Schedule
    Only reinforce the individual after a specific period time

    ex: Making cookies. They have a specific time that they need to stay in the oven.
  27. Variable Interval/VI Schedule
    Reinforce the individual after a variable amount of time

    ex: Receiving a text message back from a friend
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