Ch. 10 Behaviorism: the beginnings

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  1. What did Watson propose?
    study of consumer behavior
  2. How did Watson view consumers?
    as machines with behaviors that could be predicted and controlled
  3. How was it thought to control a consumer?
    to confront consumer with either fundamental or conditional emotional stimuli
  4. What did Watson say was the goal of Psychology?
    the prediction and control of behavior
  5. What do behaviorists not recognize and why?
    any dividing line between humans and animals in order to create a unitary behavior of animal response
  6. How were applied branches of psychology considered scientific?
    due to search for broad general laws leading to prediction and control of behavior
  7. What are the Methods of Behaviorism?
    • Observation with and without the use of instruments
    • testing methods
    • the verbal report method
    • the conditioned reflex method
  8. What is the basis for other methods?
  9. What did tests measure according to Watson?
    subject's responses to the stimulus situation of taking the test, and nothing more (results treated as samples of behavior)
  10. What was included in verbal reports?
    speech reactions that are objectively observable
  11. What were ruled out in verbal reports?
    imageless thoughts or accounts of feeling states (only verifiable data was used)
  12. What was the primary research method for behaviorists?
    conditioned reflex method
  13. How was conditioning described?
    stimulus substitution (response is conditioned when it becomes attached or connected to a stimulus other than the one that originally aroused it)
  14. What is behavior?
    body's muscular movements and glandular secretions
  15. What would a response act involve?
    organism's movement through space
  16. What are explicit responses?
    overt and directly observable
  17. What are implicit responses?
    visceral movements, glandular secretions, and nerve impulses occurring inside the organism that are potentially observable
  18. What was Watson's initial and later views toward instincts?
    initially accepted role of instincts but later eliminated the concept of instincts altogether
  19. How did Watson view emotions?
    internal physiological responses to specific stimuli
  20. What are the 3 fundamental unlearned emotions?
    fear, rage, and love
  21. What did Watson reject and why?
    • consciousness because it could not be objectively observed
    • psychoanalysis because he viewed it as "voodooism"
  22. Who de-conditioned the fear of rabbits in Peter and how?
    Mary Cover Jones who used behavioral techniques
  23. What did the study on behavioral techniques lead to?
    behavior therapy
  24. How did Watson re-define thinking?
    sub-vocal talking
  25. What was the focal point of implicit behavior?
    vocal apparatus (muscles of the tongue and larynx)
  26. How was objective evidence seeked?
    through attempts to record tongue and larynx movements during thought
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