Chapter 1: Phase 1-Professionalism

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  1. Who was the first internationally renowned chef of an American Restaurant?
    • Charles Ranhofer (1836-1899)¬†
    • Chef of Delmonico's in New York City
    • Published "franco American" encyclopedia of Cooking, The Epicurean, with over 3500 recipes.
  2. What is Cooking?
    • The transfer of energy¬†from a heat source to a food
    • Alter molecular structure
    • Change structure, texture, flavor, aroma, and appearance

    The preparation of food for consumption
  3. Who is credited with operating the first Restaurant
    Monsieur Boulanger
  4. What is grand cuisine?
    • Meals consisting of dozens of courses
    • elaborately and intricately prepared
    • Cuisine of Kings
    • No budget in preparing meals
  5. Who is credited with the creation of grand cuisine?
    • Marie-Anton Careme
    • Known as the Cook of Kings and the King of Cooks
  6. Who standardized the use of Roux as a thickening agent?
    • Marie-Anton Careme
    • He perfected recipes and devised a system for classifying sauces
  7. Who is credited with establishing cuisine classique (classic cuisine)?
    • Auguste Escoffier
    • He refined Grande Cuisine, simplified Caremes system of classification by classifying sauces into five categories (5 mother sauces)
  8. What is New American Cuisine?
    Cuisine that uses fresh, seasonal and locally grown produce in simple preparations that preserve and emphasize the food's natural flavors.
  9. What is fusion cuisine?
    • The blending or use of ingredients and/or preparation methods from various ethnic, regional or national cuisines in the same dish.
    • AKA Transnational cuisine
  10. Who is credited with establishing the Kitchen Brigade?
    Auguste Escoffier
  11. What is the classic kitchen brigade?
    A system of staffing a kitchen so that each worker is assigned a set of specific tasks
  12. What are the positions in a kitchen brigade?
    • 1. Chef de Cuisine
    • 2. Sous-Chef
    • 3. Chefs de Partie (Station Chefs)
    • a. Saucier
    • b. Poissonier
    • c. Grillardin
    • d. Friturier
    • e. Rotisseur
    • f. Potager
    • g. legumier
    • h. Garde Manger
    • i. Boucher
    • j. Tournant
    • k. Patissier
    • l. boulanger
    • m. confisseur
    • n. decorateur
    • o. demi-chef or commis
  13. When the Potager and Legumier position is combined the station chef is known as what?
  14. What is a commis?
    An apprentice
  15. How is a modern kitchen brigade set up?
    • Executive Chef
    • Sous Chef
    • Area Chefs
    • Line Cooks
    • Pastry Chef
    • Assistants and apprentices
  16. What are the six characteristics of a professional chef?
    • Knowledge
    • Skill
    • Taste
    • Judgement
    • Dedication
    • Pride

    Mnemonic: Katie's Judge DP'd her
  17. What is nouvelle cuisine?
    Movement away from classic cuisine principles and toward a lighter
  18. What is nouvelle cuisine?
    • A movement away from classic cuisine principles and toward lighter cusine
    • Based on:
    • Natural Flavors
    • Shortened cooking times
    • innovative combinations
  19. Who is credited with developing Nouvelle Cuisine?
    Gaston Lenotre
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