E Law Vocab

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  1. edict
    an official public proclamation
  2. egress
    a place or means of going out, an exit
  3. ejusdem generis
    of the same kind/class/type
  4. eleemosynary
    devoted to charity
  5. emblements
    annual crops produced by the labor of the tenants
  6. embracery
    jury tampering, influencing a jury corruptly
  7. emeritus
    retired but holding one's last title
  8. emolument
    salary, pay
  9. enabling clause or statute
    that which confers new powers or allows a new act to be.  paragraph in law that authorizes enforcement of that law
  10. en banc
    full court. all members participate in decision
  11. enceinte
  12. encumbrance
    a claim or lien on real property
  13. enjoin
    prohibit or restrain by injunction- stalked
  14. entity
    an organization that has separate existence from its members; a corporation
  15. entrap
    to induce a person to commit a crime for the purpose of arresting him or her
  16. equity
    residual value of property after deducting liability
  17. ergo
  18. estoppel
    a bar which prevents a person from denying his prior acts or statements
  19. et al
    short for el alia "and others"
  20. et uxor
    "and wife" abbreviated et ux
  21. etc
    and so forth
  22. ex
    from, out of
  23. ex cathedra
    authoritatively; literally 'from the chair'
  24. ex contractu
    arising out of a contract
  25. ex delicto
    arising out of a tort
  26. ex officio
    by virtue of the office.  powers that aren't given to one but implied simply because one holds a particular title
  27. ex parte
    by one party only
  28. ex post facto
    after the fact
  29. ex relatione
    on the relation of information
  30. ex tempore
    spontaneously, without planning
  31. exception
    a formal disagreement with the court's ruling
  32. exculpatory
    clearing from blame or guilt
  33. exemplar
    evidence of identification such as fingerprints, blood samples, et cetera
  34. exemplary
    setting a sample.
  35. expatriation
    giving up citizenship voluntarily
  36. expropriate
    to acquire property from another for public use
  37. expunge
    to erase, wipe out
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