Chapter 4: Phase 1- Menus and recipes

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  1. What are the four types of menus?
    • Static
    • Cycle
    • Market
    • Hybrid
  2. This type of menu is typical of a 24 hour restaurant and has all three meals available all day and listed on the same menu.
    California Menu
  3. This type of menu combines a static menu with a cycle menu or a market menu of specials.
    Hybrid Menu
  4. This type of menu is based on product availability during a specific period. Written to use foods when they are in peak season and readily available.
    Market Menu
  5. This type of menu is developed for a set period, at the end of that period it repeats itself. i.e. Taco Tuesday's.
    Cycle Menu
  6. This type of menu offers the same foods every day and rarely changes. Typical of a fast food restaurant.
    Static Menu
  7. What does a la carte mean?
    every food and beverage item is priced and ordered separately.
  8. What does semi a la carte mean?
    Some items are priced separately (apps and deserts) while the entree is accompanied by and priced to include other items, such a s a salad, vegetable or starch.
  9. What does table d'hote or prix fix mean?
    Table D'Hote: A menu offering a complete meal at a set price and offering very little choice.

    Prix Fix: May offer choices at a set price. Example of three courses with a choice between two items for each course.
  10. How do you calculate for conversion factors (C.F.)?
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  11. How do you calculate for converting portion size?
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  12. Who was a proponent of scientific methods of cooking and obsessed with accurate measurements of ingredients in recipes?
    Fannie Merrit Farmer
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