Soup Salads Sides

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  1. Wild Mushroom
    MB--100% Vegetarian, Seasonal Mushroom stock base; Heirloom barley (100+ yr seed strains); finished with Cream, SP, Thyme-A hearty soup with-Micro Greens; Chive oil-Soup Spoon
  2. Lobster Bisque
    LB--Cream based soup; Pureed lobster, a roux (flour & butter)-Silky smooth with a rich, lobster flavor-Chopped Parsley Lobster-Soup Spoon
  3. Dinner Salad
    A B V; SALAD W V A-CRI Got Carrots; 2/2-Iceberg, romaine and red cabbage; shredded carrots, chopped green onions, tomatoes; 2 handmade croutons and 2 strips of bacon-Traditional dinner salad with maplewood bacon slices-SP-Fork Knife
  4. Lettuce Wedge
    W; WEDGE--¼ head of iceberg; 6 cherry tomato halves;Julienned bacon, crumbled bc; traditionally with creamy bc ressing-Steakhouse classic-SP-Fork Knife
  5. Caesar
    C; CAE-GAMPLE-Hearts of Romaine (whole leaves); shaved Parm; House made Caesar (egg yolks, anchovies, garlic, mustard, parmesan, lemon)-Award winning dressing with freshly made croutons-No SP; 4 croutons; shaved Parm-Fork Knife
  6. Tomato & Onion
    TO+; TO--3 thick slices of beefsteak tomato; 2 slices of sweet red onion; topped with green onions; traditionally with vin & crumb bc--SP-Fork Knife
  7. Baked Potato
    BP--Seasoned butter (butter, green onions, SP); Opt (bacon, ched, gr on, sc) brought on the side-Served with seasoned butter--Serving Spoon
  8. Chateau potatoes
    CHAT--Hand whipped potatoes, skins on; Whipped with milk, gr on, SP, pinch of cayenne-Hand whipped potatoes with a pinch of cayenne pepper-Butter cube-Serving Spoon
  9. Potatoes au gratin
    AUG-Grobc Mrx-Cubed potatoes with bacon, green onions, cheddar milk, butter & flour; topped with more cheddar-Cheesy potatoes with a hint of bacon--Serving Spoon
  10. Skillet Potatoes & Onions
    SKILLET--Thinly sliced potatoes deep fried crisp (chips) topped with sauteed onions-House made potato chips topped with sauteed onions.-Chopped Parsley-Tongs
  11. Sweet Potato Casserole
    SWEET--Sweet Potatoes whipped with butter and milk; Topped with chopped pecans and brown sugar-It's a dessert and side dish rolled into one.--Serving Spoon
  12. Spinach Supreme
    SPIN-SomeSP Aug (grombc)-Creamed spinach with mushrooms, egg, onion, SP; Mixed with Aug Gratin sauce (cheddar, gr on, bacon, milk)-Creamed spinach with a hint of bacon--2 forks
  13. Asparagus
    ASP--Fresh asparagus steamed al dente, tossed in butter; Topped with toasted almonds, SP-Perfect al dente with almonds (Asparagus contains sulfurous amino acid Methionine making wine taste metallic & bitter-sliced almonds-Serving Spoon
  14. Brussel Sprouts
    SPROUT--12 oz. Brussel sprout halves, roasted in bacon fat, finished with a hint of beurre blanc, crispy shallot rings & fresh squeezed lemon, SP-Don't judge it by your grandma's recipe--Serving Spoon
  15. Sauteed Mushrooms
    MUSH--Button mushrooms sauteed in butter, garlic, sherry, SP-Great with any steak--Serving Spoon
  16. Macque Choux Corn
    CORN-Whop CrmHam-Fresh shucked corn from the cob; cream, SP, white onions, bell peppers and Tasso ham-Hand shucked corn with Tasso ham-Chopped Parsley-Serving Spoon
  17. Onion Rings
    OR--"8 Sweet yellow onions cut 1” thick battered and deep fried. 10-12 per order"-Like bracelets--Serving Spoon
  18. Cauliflower au gratin
    CAUL--Cauliflower, brie, truffle oil-Truffle oil makes everything better--Serving Spoon
  19. Sauteed Onions
    ONIONS--Sauteed sweet yellow onion slices with SP--Chopped Parsley-Tongs
  20. Lobster Mac & Cheese
    LOB MAC--Elbow macaroni, rich Parmesan; Fontina cheese sauce (roasted garlic, milk, SP, Parm, fontina) lobster pieces topped with Parmesan panko bread crumbs-Cheesy goodness with chunks of lobster-Chopped Parsley-Serving Spoon
  21. King Crab Gnocchi
    GNOCCHI--Potato gnocchi with pieces of King Crab mixed together in a Parmesan cream sauce.-Big chunks of King Crab-Chopped Parsley-Serving Spoon
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