Noun and adjective endings for old english

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  1. noun endings for strong masculine nouns
    • N: nothing     as
    • A: nothing     as
    • G: es             a
    • D: e              um
  2. noun endings for weak masculine nouns
    • N: nothing   n
    • A: n            n
    • G: n            ena
    • D: n            um
  3. noun endings for strong short neuter nouns
    • N: nothing   u
    • A: nothing   u
    • G: es          ena
    • D: e            um

    (The same as strong masculine nouns apart from there is a U as opposed to AS on the N&A plural)
  4. noun endings for strong long neuter nouns
    • N: nothing   nothing
    • A: nothing    nothing
    • G: es           ena
    • D: e             um

    (The same as strong neuter short but with nothing on N&A plural)
  5. Strong feminine nouns (long and short)
    • N: Nothing    a
    • A: e             a
    • G: e             a
    • D: e             um
  6. adjective endings for strong adjectives in the plural
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