Survey of Fashion

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  1. Fashion business includes
    •Design •Manufacturing •Distribution•Marketing •Merchandising•Retailing •Advertising •Communications•Publishing•Consulting
  2. Misconceptions About Fashion
    1.Designers and retailers dictate what the fashion will be and then force it upon helpless consumers 2. Fashion acts as an influence on women only 3.Fashion is a mysterious andunpredictable force
  3. Terminology of Fashion
    Style, Fashion •High fashion •Mass fashion or volume fashion, Design •Style number, Taste Classic, Fad, Trend
  4. Components of Fashion Design
    Silhouette, Details, Texture, Color
  5. Fashion Cycle
    • innovation stages: introduction and rise
    • culmination stages:acceleration and mass acceptance
    • decline stages:decline and obsolescence
  6. Intangibles of Fashion
    Group acceptance, Change •The Futility of ForcingChange •Meeting the Demand for Change, A Mirror of the Times •Social Class •Lifestyle
  7. Four major environmental factors affectfashion interest and demand
    1.Market segmentation by geographics,demographics, psychographics, and behavior 2.The degree of economic development and well-being of a country or society 3.The sociological characteristics of the class structure 4.The psychological attitudes of consumers
  8. Target markets
    Market segmentation •Geographics •Demographics •Psychographics •Behavior
  9. psychological factors thatinfluence fashion demand are
    1.Boredom 2.Curiosity 3.Reaction to convention 4.Need for self-assurance 5.Desire for companionship
  10. Accelerating Factors
    •Widespread buying power •Leisure time •Increased education •Improved status of women •Technological advances •Sales promotion •Seasonal change
  11. Retarding Factors
    •Habit and custom •Religion •Sumptuary laws •Reductions in consumers’ buying power
  12. Four levels of the fashion business
    •Primary level •Secondary level •Retail level •Auxiliary level
  13. Types of Designers
    •High-fashion or “name” designers •Stylist-designers •Freelance designers
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