5 Key Behaviors

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  1. What are the 5 Key Behaviors?
    • 1.Welcome the customer to the store with a warm friendly and geniune greeting.
    • 2. Use the customer's name whenever possible.
    • 3. Give the customer your undivided attention.
    • 4. Maintain a possitive attitude with every customer.
    • 5. Walk the customer toward the door. Thank themand give them a warm and friendly goodbye.
  2. Welcome the customer to the store??
    This means greet the customer as soon as they walk in and exchange names. Be GENUINE!
  3. Use the customers name?
    Don't over do this. Use the customers name when appropriate. Make it natural so the customer feels comfortable.
  4. Undivided attention?
    Don't get distracted or lose focus on the customer. Make them feel important and that you are here to assist them. Make them feel like they are the only person in the store.
  5. Positive Attitude?
    Assure the customer that you can assist them with anything that they came in for. Don't just give them Customer Srevice number. Same with an insurance claim. Walk them over to the WHP and let them call Assurion. Billing problems?? Pull the account up and review their last bill. Payment?? Great chance to do a bill analysis on the MSV plans and build a tablet into the quote.
  6. Walk the customer to the door?
    This will back up 2,3 and 4. Hold the bag hostage and don't give it to the customer until you reach the door. Thank the customer sincerely and make the customer feel that you  genuinly appreciate them coming to your store and giving you their business.
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The 5 Key Behaviors and a discription of each behavior.
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