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  1. opening
    Good afternoon my colleagues. .(comparison slide) I believe many of you graduated from university in HK, and there are some long-standing stereotypes about each universities, I have illustrated them here, and you can judge whether they are valid. Today, I'm going to tell you how stereotypes affect us, and more importantly, what we should do about them. Stereotypes are not inherently bad, but Studies have repeatedly shown that over 50% of our false perceptions come from stereotyping. In particular, they strongly affects our snap judgments. Let me show this to you with 2 experiments.
  2. mcdonald's
    Ask any person on the street, the standard view about McDonalds is fast food, Crap food. (dish)Now I want you to focus on this picture. This is a dish of delicate one-bite food, made purely from Mcdonald's food. The host of experiment, took this specialities and ask some of the biggest food experts in the industry to taste it. 

    Here's their reactions:


    The the host asked one of the food experts, if you were to compare this with say, McDonald's food, what would you say is the biggest difference?

    he said, this absolutely has a lot more taste to it than McDonald's.

  3. iphone(first look, iphone 5)
    The next experiemnt is about iphones. A TV host told pesdetrians who owns an iphone 4s to check out the new iphone 5, which was...unavailable at that time. So in reality what the pedestrians were looking at was the current iphone 4s that everyone had. After people took a long good look at the "iphone 5", here's how that experiment played out:


    And a guy who was holding an identical iphone 4s, said

    "Oh my god. It feels a lot lighter, just higher quality...if you drop it it looks like its not gonna break.’

  4. office(black)
    So we see that Stereotypes can scramble our perceptions and make us look at facts in a very distorted way. They exist everywhere in our society, without exception, Stereotypes exists at office too. So far I have joined the compay for 3 months, and Im starting to get to know all of you a little bit better. While we, the new blood, were trying to make some friends, I started to hear some common stereotypes about different groups of people around the office. Generation Y, they Can’t Take Constructive Criticism;; Collegues in their 30s and 40s, they dont view work as top priority, they are way too into work-life balance; The more senior colleagues, they Are Can’t Be Bothered To Learn New Skills
  5. insights
    In my opinion, these profiles doesn't give a fair account of the individuals in the group. . (quote) “Once you label me you negate me.” This is a quote from the famous philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. The stereotypes deprive a person of his/her right to define herself. They put a hurdles in our minds and obliviate us from the fact. They form gaps among different groups and affect relationship in an organization. They tampers with our perception and therefore, decision making.
  6. closing
    So, the moral of all of this is, We need to know a person by conversations and interactions, and not by street-talk nor second-guessing. What's my stereotypes? It doesn't really matter, because I know I don't need it so often. Next time you see this(Mr Bean), try make room for more facts and dispel the stereotypes. Thank you!
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