Accept and Refuse Goods and Services Part III

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  1. Where can you enjoy an ice cream cone, fruit salad?
    In an ice cream store.

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  2. Where can you buy CDs, cassettes and posters?
    In a music store.

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  3. Where can you buy TVs, coffee makers, radios, VCRs, irons, blenders, rice cookers?
    In an appliance store.

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  4. Where can you watch plays and movies?
    At a movie theater.

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  5. Where can you ask for information about flights, depart form one country to another?
    In an airport.

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  6. Where can you go shopping, buy clothes and appliances?
    in a department store.

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  7. Where can you buy bread, cookies and donuts?
    in a bakery.

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  8. Where can you have dinner, lunch, breakfast, entries, main courses, salads, drinks?
    In a restaurant.

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  9. Where can you buy carrrots, onions, beets, raddish, lettuce, bananas, grapes, apples, tomatoes?
    In a fruit market.

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  10. Where can you buy a pet, dog, cat, hamster, canary, parrot, parakeet, angel fish.
    In a pet shop.

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  11. Where can you pay your taxes, water, trash, street cleaners, and discuss city problems?
    In city hall.

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  12. Where can you Ask for help when your house is burning, ask for firemen's help?
    In a Fire Station.

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  13. Where can you ask for help shen someone robbed you, hit you or disturbs you, raped you, forced sexually to submit?
    In a police station.

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  14. Where can you park your car?
    In a parking lot.

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  15. Where can you vaccinate your puppy, buy pills tablets, powder against fleas, dog shampoo?
    In a veterinarian clinic.

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  16. Where can you pray, attend mass, meditate, confess your sins?
    In a church.

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  17. Where can you learn science, maths, English Spanish, French, Arts, Social studies, etc?
    In a school.

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  18. Where can you rent an apartment? a room?
    In a hotel.

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