Level H: Unit 6 Ant/Syn

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  1. abortive (syn)
    (syn) miscarried, fruitless
  2. abortive (ant)
    (ant) successful, realized, consummated
  3. bruit (syn)
    (syn) broadcast, blazon
  4. bruit (ant)
    (ant) cover up, conceal, hush up
  5. contumelious (syn)
  6. contumelious (ant)
    (ant) laudatory, commendatory, deferential
  7. dictum (syn)
    (syn) maxim, aphorism
  8. ensconce (syn)
    (syn) nestle, entrench
  9. ensconce (ant)
    (ant) unseat, displace, oust
  10. iconoclastic (syn)
    (syn) irreverent, heretical
  11. iconoclastic (ant)
    (ant) orthodox, conservative, reverent
  12. In media res (SYN)
    (syn) middle of things
  13. internecine (syn)
    (syn) murderous, savage
  14. internecine (ant)
    (ant) peaceful, harmonious, constructive
  15. maladroit (syn)
    (syn) inept,clumsy
  16. maladroit (ant)
    (ant) skillful, dexterous, deft, tactful
  17. maudlin (syn)
    (syn) mushy
  18. modulate (syn)
    (syn) adapt
  19. portentous (syn)
    (syn) foreboding, pretentious
  20. portentous (ant)
    (ant) auspicious, propitious, encouraging
  21. prescience (syn)
    (syn) foreknowledge
  22. prescience (ant)
    (ant) hindsight
  23. quid pro quo (syn)
    (syn) trade
  24. salubrious (syn)
    (syn) beneficial, healthy
  25. salubrious (ant)
    (ant) harmful, unhealthy, deleterious, noxious
  26. saturnalian (syn)
    (syn) debauched
  27. saturnalian (ant)
    (ant) sedate, prim, decorous, seemly
  28. touchstone (syn)
  29. traumatic (syn)
    (syn) jolting
  30. traumatic (ant)
    (ant) soothing, comforting, agreeable, pleasant
  31. vitiate (syn)
    (syn) degrade
  32. vitiate (ant)
    (ant) purify, fortify, strengthen, enhance
  33. waggish (syn)
    (syn) jocular
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