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  1. Sunshine Laws
    laws that permit the public to watch policy makers in action
  2. Political socialization
    education about how the government works and which policies one should support
  3. popular sovereignty
    • 19th century term referring to the question of slavery.
    • Right of people to self-government.
  4. political mobilization
    efforts to encourage people to engage in the public sphere
  5. affirmative action
    positive steps to recruit members of previously underrepresented groups into schools, colleges, and jobs
  6. class action
    lawsuit filed on behalf of an entire category of individuals
  7. equal employment opportunity commission
    federal law enforcement agency charged with monitoring compliance to the civil rights act
  8. equal rights amendment
    drafted by alice paul in 1923 passed by congress in 1972 and ratified by 35 states declaring equality of rights
  9. free practice clause
    first amendment, government may not interfere in religious practice
  10. electoral activities
    public engagement in the form of voting, running for office, or volunteering on a campaign
  11. domestic dependent nation
    special status that grants local sovereignty to tribal nations but doesn't grant them full sovereignty equal to independent nations
  12. gridlock
    government's inability to advance policy issues because of clashes among different branches
  13. law of coverture
    outmoded legal tradition holding that a woman's rights and duties all operate through her husband
  14. voter turnout
    measure of eligible voters who actually cast a legitimate ballot in a given election
  15. Seneca falls convention
    dedicated to women's rights held in july 1848
  16. strict seperation
    strict principles articulated in the Lemon test for judging whether a law establishes a religion
  17. racial profiling
    law enforcement practice of singling out people on the basis of physical features
  18. nationalism
  19. 3/5 compromise
    slave states would pay extra states because every slave counted as 3/5 of a freeman
  20. Preamble
    • "we are the people"
    • 6 goals for a successful gov.
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