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  1. Which sinus is contained and part of the facial bones
    maxillary sinus
  2. The frontal ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses are contained where
    in cranial bones
  3. what are the four sinuses and how many of each
    • maxillary 2
    • sphenoid 1 or 2
    • ethmoid many 
    • frontal 2
  4. what is the older term for the maxillary sinus
    antrum of highmore
  5. the frontal sinuses become aerated before what age
  6. where are the ethmoid sinuses contained
    lateral masses or labyrinths of the ethmoid bone
  7. what is the pathway of communication between the frontal maxillary and ethmoid sinuses that help with drainage of these cavities
    osteomeatal complex
  8. Obstruction of the osteomeatal complex results in what
  9. the maxillary sinuses drain through what
    infundibulum passageway
  10. what process makes up the medial wall of the infundibulum passageway
    uncinate process
  11. what structure receives drainage from the frontal and ethmoid sinus cells
    ethmoid bulla
  12. what are the key passageways in the osteomeatal complex
    infundibulum and middle nasal meatus
  13. Cr for a right or left lateral sinuses
    cr midway between outer canthus and EAM
  14. What sinuses are shown in the lateral position
    all four frontal maxillary ethmoid sphenoid
  15. Rotation is evident in a lateral sinus position by what structure
    Tilit is evident by what
    symmetry of mandibular rami and greater wings of sphenoid

    orbital roofs and great sph wings
  16. How do we position the OML for a caldwell of the sinuses
    where is the CR exiting
    Cr is parallel to what
    • place patient OML perp to IR and then tilt or elevate the chin 15 deg
    • exits the nasion
    • floor
  17. In order to assess air fluid levels the in the sinuses the the cladwell position must be performed ____
    erect w/ a horizontal beam
  18. what is the alternative method to the caldwell for the sinuses
    tilting the IR 15 deg
  19. what structures are demonstrated in the caldwell position
    Frontal sinuses projected above frontonasal suture anterior ethmoid air cells are visualized lateral to each nasal bone below frontal sinuses
  20. No rotation or tilt is indicated by what structure in a caldwell
    • equal distance of MSP identified by crista galli
    • superior orbital fissures visualized in the orbits
  21. what size casette do you need for all sinuses
    what is the routine
    • 8x10
    • lateral (R or L )
    • waters
    • caldwell
  22. In a waters position the OML forms what deg with IR and where is the CR exiting for a waters
    • 37 deg
    • cr centered to exit at acanthion
  23. structures demonstrated in waters view
    maxillary sinuses w/ the inferior aspcet visualized from superimposing alveolar processes and petrous ridges, inferior orbital rim and oblique view of frontal sinuses
  24. where is cr for smv of the sinuses
    If the patient cannot get the IOML parallel to IR what must we do to suffice
    • 1.5-2in inferior mandibular symphyses
    • angle to as much as needed to keep the CR perp to IOML
  25. anatomy demonstrated in an smv view
    sphneoid sinuses ethmoid sin nasal fossae and max sinuses
  26. Is aec reccommended for doing sinuses
  27. what anatomy is demonstrated in a parietoacanthial transoral projection
    sphenoid sinuses visualized thru open mouth oblique view of frontal sinuses maxillary sinuses w/ inferior aspect visualized
  28. which lateral is done for the sinuses
    affected side
  29. which sinuses begin to develop at the fetal birth
    7 years and older
    • fetal : maxillary 
    • 7 years: ethmoid sinuses 
    • 6-7 years: frontal and sphenoid
  30. what is the sinus that lies most posterior
  31. which sinuses are part of the facial bone structure
  32. the sphenoid sinus us located anterior and inferior to what structure in the sphenoid bone
    sella turcica
  33. It is important to take sinus radiographs  in the erect position because fluid will remain trapped in the ____ sinuses in this position
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