Nervous sys + special senses

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  1. In the developing brain which 2 secondary brain vesicles form from the primary brain vesicle Rhombencephalon?
    Mylencephalon and Mesencephalon
  2. The Frontal lobe and the Parietal lobe of the Cerebral Cortex is decided by the ________.
    Central Sulcas
  3. The White Matter in the Cerebellum has a branching tree like pattern. It is called ______?
    arbor vitae
  4. The _________ is the most inferior portion of the brain stem and connects to the spinal cord.
    Medulla Oblongatta
  5. Cerebrospinal a Fluid is generated by the ________ in the roof of the ________ .
    Chroid Plexus, Ventricles
  6. The cerebrospinal fluid is reabsorbed into the blood in the _______, which is located in the _______.
    Anachroidvilli, Superior Sagittal Sinus
  7. All of the higher reasoning processes occur in the ______ portion in the brain.
  8. Cerebrospinal fluid moves from the third ventricle to the 4th ventricle through the ______.
    cerebrum aquaduct
  9. The Dura Matter in the brain is composed of two layers. They are called the ________ and the _______.
    Periosteal, Meningeal
  10. During Action Potential:
    _______ starts when the K+ channels open.
  11. During Action Potential:
    _______ starts when the Na++ channels open.
  12. Name the three White Matter Tracts deep within the Cerebral White Matter?
    Projection, Associative and Commisary
  13. When the cell membrane electrical potential reaches -90mv _____ has reached it's maximum negative charge.
  14. Resting cell membrane potential is approximately _____.
  15. The threshold electrical potential needed to be attained in order to assure completion of the Action Potential is _____.
    -50mv to -55mv
  16. What type of White Matter Tracts in the Spinal Cord are sensory?
  17. CSF enters the spinal cord through the _____ as it leaves the _____.
    Median Aperature, 4th Ventricle
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