English basics

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  1. What is a Noun?
    A noun is a naming word.
  2. What is a common noun?
    The name of people, places, creatures, or objects. 

    For example: teacher,school,mice and chalk
  3. What is a proper noun?
    the name of a particular person, place, thing, business, or organisation 

    For example: Kate, Rotorua, Milford Sound, The Warehouse
  4. What is a collective noun?
    • The name given to a group of things. 
    • Example: A flock of birds or the crusader
  5. What is an abstract noun?
    • Something you cannot see, hear, touch or taste. 
    • These can be qualities, emotions or ideas.

    For example: Courage, power, creativity, independence
  6. What are pronouns?
    Pronouns are used instead of nouns when referring to a person or things

    E.g. I, you, she, they, he, us etc
  7. What is an Adjective?
    adjectives are describing words. 

    E.g. The Yellow car, The wall was an awesome shade of orange
  8. What is a verb?
    A verb is a doing or an action word

    e.g. Jackson chased the ball, Bella barked at the cat
  9. What is an Adverb?
    An adverb tells us how, when or where an action takes place.
  10. What is a metaphor?
    When one thing is said to be another
  11. What is an assonance?
    Assonance is the deliberate repetition of the same vowel sound followed by a different consonant sound.

    "Try to light the fire"
  12. what is a Hyperbole
    an over-exaggeration
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