Social studies Exam

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  1. List differences between maori and Europeans
    • Education: Maori's got some education and common knowledge was given to all. They were taught more orally. Europeans however received education by church and only some children could actually attend and education costed money . 
    • - Europeans were taught they had duty to civilise the coloured races. There was a strong sense of pride in being english. 

    Transportation: Europeans used wheeled vehicles on roads, water transport through ships whilst maori's just walked everywhere. 

    Land: In europe, property was owned by individuals whilst maori land was divided up into tripes. 

    Society: europeans were divided into classes. Upper, Middle and lower. The more land you had, the wealthier you were. Maori's were in unity in tribes. He was not judged by his job or how much land he owned
  2. What is a democracy?
    A democracy is a form of government in which the people, either directly or indirectly, take part in governing. The word democracy originates from Greek, and means rule of the people. In democracy there are usually campaigns every 4 years to see who will be elected. There is 1 party vote and 1 electoral vote.
  3. What is a dictatorship?
    Dictatorship is a system of the government when there is only one "supreme" leader and typically decides everything that goes on in that country. The people do not have a say with what will go on. There is no freedom, and often your basic human rights are taken away from you.
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