Chap. 10

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  1. time, place, and manner clause
    • delegates control of elections to the state
    • governments
  2. caucus
    • local meeting where registered members of a
    • political party meet to select delegates who represent presidential delegates
  3. suffrage
    right to vote
  4. bundling
    • form of fundraising where individuals persuade
    • others to donate large amounts that are then delivered to a candidate or campaign
  5. PAC
    • organization of at least 50 people connected
    • with an interest group, permitted to make contributions to candidates for
    • federal office
  6. Super PACs
    • organizations allowed to raise and spend
    • unlimited amounts of money to promote a candidate or publicize a cause
  7. 527 groups
    organizations allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts for “issue advocacy”—but forbidden to mention a candidate.
  8. Super Tuesday
    • the date on the primary calendar when multiple
    • states hold primaries and caucuses.
  9. winner-take-all
    • the candidate receiving a simple majority
    • receives all electoral votes or primary delegates
  10. electoral bounce
    boost in the polls that follows an event
  11. proportional representation
    • allocating delegates based on the proportion of
    • the vote a candidate wins
  12. g
  13. incumbency advantage
    • tendency for members of Congress to win
    • reelection in overwhelming numbers.
  14. midterm elections
    • national elections held between presidential
    • elections.
  15. gerrymander
    party in power draws the lines to help itself.
  16. critical election
    • dramatic election that realigns the political
    • system by changing the relative strength of the two parties and has consequences for future elections
  17. candidate-centered elections
    • individual candidates decide their own strategy
    • as opposed to party systems
  18. wholesale campaigning
    reaches hundreds at once through advertisement
  19. open seat
    a seat in Congress without an incumbent running for reelection
  20. robocall
    an automated telephone call that delivers a recorded message
  21. advance team
    Team sent to prepare the transition
  22. retail campaigning
    attracting supporters through small meetings
  23. name recognition
    an advantage possessed by a well-known political figure
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