Arts exam 2

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  1. Hiphopaband, Botoxia, and Trumpistan are all places in an inventive map by
    MairaKalman and Rick Meyerwitz
  2. Bjorks album, Biophilia was released
    as a series of iPad apps
  3. Donald Meeker was instrumental in updating the font of
    white-on green interstate freeway signs.
  4. An identifying mark or trademark is referred to as
    a logo
  5. Heidi Cody's American Alphabet is a set of light boxes that the feature isolated first letters of American
  6. A relatively new discipline, motion graphics began with
    titles sequences for Hollywood movies.
  7. A 2009 building in Japan broke new ground by integrating into the facade a
    Quick Response (QR) code
  8. All of the following are true of the QR5 wind turbine except
    It's sole drawback is the hazard it presents to birds.
  9. Robert Longo's Corporate Wars: Wall of Influence is an example of
    a high-relief sculpture
  10. Due to its monumental size, Viola Frey's Stubborn Woman, Orange Hands is supported using
    an amature
  11. Sculpture that is meant tonbe seen from all sides is called in-the-round or
  12. Which work is an example of an assemblage?
    Pablo Picasso's Bull's Head
  13. What is also called a substitution process?
  14. A typical example of a low-relief sculpture is
    a coin
  15. Alexander Calder was one of the first artists to explore the possibilities of
    kinetic sculpture
  16. Julio Gonzalez was thefirst sculptor to use
    the welding torch.
  17. Olafure Eliasson's The Weather Project is an example of 
    site-specific art.
  18. A subcategory of constructed sculpture-seen in the works of Deborah Butterfield-that involves the use of familiar objects in new ways is
  19. Which nineteenth-century artist attempted to bring craft and fine art together by creating a design company
    William Morris
  20. Date Chihuly is noted for his intricate and colorful works in
  21. Which artist is known for creating "story quilts"
    Faith Ringgold
  22. To be ceramist, one must
    work with clay.
  23. The potter's wheel was invented in
  24. IN weaving, fibers are held in place on a
  25. Which statement is NOT true of Peter Voulkos
    He worked with fiber.
  26. In Muslim regions of the Middle East, which craft was practiced with great sophistication?
    metal inlay
  27. Which material is said to possess a vitality, or living spirit?
  28. The term used to discuss how a building stands up is
  29. "Zimbabwe" literally means
    stone horse
  30. Which structure features an arcade of round arches?
    Pont du Gard
  31. In the Crystal Palace, Joseph Paxton made use of
    cast iron.
  32. "Metallic flower" is the description given by
    Frank Gehry to his Guggenheim Museum Blbao
  33. Gothic builders were able to open large areas for windows, because they used pointed arches and
    flying buttresses.
  34. Who led the Chicago school and is generally regarded as the first great modern architect.
    Louis Sullivan
  35. Which architect famously states "less is more"?
    Mies van der Rohe
  36. LEED gives awards to architects for
    environmental design
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