Astronomy Unit Three Topic List 1

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  1. Comparative Planetology
    compares the different natures of the eight planets in our solar system
  2. Volcanism
    Venus and Earth
  3. Water Flow
    Earth and Mars
  4. What's unique about Mercury
    It has almost no atmosphere and it's the fastest planet
  5. Lobate Scarps
    Featured on Mars, enormous escarpments on surface
  6. How long is a Mercury Year?
    88 Earth Days
  7. How long is a Mercury Day?
    58.6 Earth Days
  8. How long is a Sidereal day on Mercury?
    58.65 Earth Days
  9. How long is a Solar Day on Mercury?
    176 Earth Days
  10. Why is Venus an 'evil' twin of Earth?
    It's similar to Earth in mass, radius, geology and chemistry but has a surface temperature so high it could melt lead
  11. What kind of clouds on Venus?
    The clouds are made of sulfuric acid droplets and they zip around the planet at 100m/s
  12. Why does Venus have a high temperature?
    The Greenhouse effect on its thick atmosphere
  13. Carbon Abundances on Earth and Venus
    Earth: Carbonate minerals(limestone)

    Venus: Similar to Earth
  14. Water Abundances on Earth and Venus
    Venus has 10,000 times less water than Earth
  15. What geo-surface features are seen on Venus?
    Impact Craters
  16. What is Olympus Mons?
    Tharsis-Greatest Volcanic region on Mars
  17. Where is water on Mars?
    Under the surface
  18. What is interesting about Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos?
    They appear to have surface materials similar to asteroids, leading to believe that they are captured asteroids
  19. What is the fate of Phobos and Deimos?
    Phobos: Will either crash into Mars or break up into a ring

    Deimos: As it revolves, the debris is re-deposited as a dusty layer on its surface
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