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  1. Biology of aging Lifetable types
    • Type I: Senescent population, INCREASE Mortality rate with age. DECREASE life expectancy with age. ie humans
    • Type II: Non-senescent, CONSTANT mortality and life expectancy with age. ie bacteria
    • Type III: Anti-senescent, DECREASING mortality and INCREASING life expectancy with age. ie large plants
  2. How to decide what type and category based on life table
    • If qx is increasing with age, is Type I (dying)
    • If qx is decreasing with age, Type III (living)
    • If qx is constant, Type II (constant)
    • if qx increases (or decreases) in a linear fashion, is Gompertz (or inverse Gompertz)
    • if qx increases (or decreases) exponentially, is Hyperbolic (or inverse hyperbolic)
    • if qx increases (or decreases) gradually, is Weibull/Logistic (or inverse Weibull/Logistic)
  3. dx
    dx = lx - l(x+1)
  4. qx
    qx = dx / lx
  5. Lx
    Lx = (lx - l(x+1)) / 2
  6. Tx
    Tx = Sum of all Lx’s
  7. ex
    • ex = Tx / lx
    • But..with Type II: ex = (2 - qx) / (2 * qx)
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