BUS 200 ch. 9

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  1. Production/Operations
    • Refers to any process that takes basic resources and transforms them into finished products
    • inputs into outputs
  2. Production Management
    Management of the process of transforming materials, labor, and other resources into goods
  3. Operations management
    Management of the process of transforming materials, labor, and other resources into goods AND services
  4. Form Utility
    • the value that people add in converting resources into finished products
    • cows milk to ice cream
  5. Analytic transformation
    • The process in which resources are broken down to create finished products
    • gold ore is crushed, separated, and smelted into pure gold
  6. Synthetic Transformation
    • The process in which resources are combined to create finished products
    • gold combined with silver to make jewelry
  7. Continuous process
    Production process in which goods and services are turned out in a long production run on an ongoing basis over time
  8. Oroweat Bread is baked with the same materials all around the clock. What type of process is this?
    Continuous Process
  9. Intermittent Process
    Production process in which finished goods and services are turned out in a series of short production runs and machines are changed to make different products
  10. When a business makes cakes and stops to clean their machinery what type of process is this?
    Intermittent Process
  11. 5 technology changes that improved efficiency
    • Mechanization
    • Standardization
    • assembly line
    • automation
    • mass production
  12. Mechanization
    • the use of machines to do the work formerly performed by people
    • Cotton Gin separates the seeds from cotton
  13. Standardization
    • The use of uniform parts that could be easily interchangeable with similar parts
    • Gun that has interchangeable parts
  14. Assembly Line
    • series of steps for assembling a product. 
    • Henry Ford's way of production
  15. Automation
    using machines as much as possible instead of human labor to perform production tasks
  16. Robotics
    The use of programmable machines to manipulate materials and tools to perform a variety of tasks
  17. Mass Production
    • Production of uniform goods in great quantities
    • Four Seasons hires many employees for attitude not skill
  18. 4 kinds of technologies developed to increase productive efficiencies
    • CAD CAM and CIM
    • flexible manufacturing systems
    • lean manufacturing 
    • mass customization
  19. Computer aided design
    • programs are used to design products. 
    • architects design buildings
  20. Computer-aided manufacturing
    use of the computers in the manufacturing process
  21. computer integrated manufacturing
    • systems in which computer-aided design is united with computer-aided manufacturing
    • fashion industry
  22. Flexible manufacturing
    Facility that can be modified quickly to manufacture different products
  23. Lean manufacturing
    production of products by eliminating unnecessary steps and using the fewest resources, as well as continually striving for improvement
  24. Mass customization
    • using mass production techniques to produce customized goods
    • creating a one of a kind suit
  25. Facility location
    process of selecting a location for company operations
  26. 4 factors that are important when picking a location
    • Availability and cost of resources
    • nearness to suppliers
    • nearness to customers
    • tax relief and local gov support
  27. Google builds huge server farm on the columbia river because of the cheap power created by the river
    location based on Availability and cost of resources
  28. Ford's River Rouge plant is located in Michigan where the Rouge and Detroit rivers meet for faster delivery by river
    Location based on Nearness to Supplies
  29. Time to market
    the length of time it takes from a product being conceived until it is available for sale
  30. GM creating factory in China
    Nearness to Customers
  31. Company that plants in Nevada which has no warehouse tax.
    tax relief and gov support
  32. 3 options for layouts for producing goods.
    • Product layout
    • process layout
    • fixed position layout
  33. Facility Layout
    physical arrangement of offices in a building
  34. Product Layout
    equipment and tasks are arranged into an assembly line
  35. Process Layout
    similar work is grouped by function
  36. Fixed postion layout
    • Materials and labor are transported to one location
    • nuclear power plant, dam, or airport
  37. 2 strategies for lining up supply
    • use a lot of suppliers 
    • use a trusted few
  38. The question of storing supplies is known as inventory problem
  39. Inventory
    name given to goods kept in stock to be used for the production process for sales to customers
  40. Inventory control
    the system for determining the right quantity of resources and keeping track of their location and use
  41. Supply Chain Management
    Companies produce goods and services by integrating many facilities functions and processes from suppliers to customers
  42. just in time
    minimal supplies are kept and supply is delivered on an as-needed basis
  43. Materials requirement planning
    computer-based method of delivering the right amounts of supplies to the right place at the right time for the production of goods
  44. Bill of Materials
    • Used by MRP
    • list of materials that go into the finished product
  45. Enterprise resource planning
    computer based system that collects and provides information about ta company's entire enterprise
  46. 2 types of scheduling processes
    Gantt charts and PERT charts
  47. Gantt chart
    Specialized bar chart that shows the relationship between the kind of work tasks planned and their scheduled completion dates
  48. PERT Chart
    • Network Model
    • program evaluation and review technique 
    • diagram for determining the best sequencing of tasks
  49. steps of the PERT chart
    • Identify tasks
    • arrange tasks in order
    • estimate time for each task 
    • diagram the task sequences and times
    • compute the critical path
  50. Malcolm Bridge National Quality Award
    created by Congress that is intended to be the most prestigious recognition of quality in the United States
  51. Quality
    Total ability of a product or service to meet customer needs
  52. Quality Assurance is defined as the process of minimizing errors by managing each stage of production
  53. Total Quality Management
    • lead by top management
    • comprehensive approach dedicated to continuous quality improvement
  54. 4 components fo TQM
    • Continuous improvement is considered a priority
    • Every Employee needs to be involved
    • TQM Companies Learn from Customers and their employees learn from other employees
    • Accurate Standards are used to identify and eliminate problems
  55. benchmarking
    process by which a company compares its performance with that of high-performing organizations
  56. 3 quality techniques
    • ISO 9000
    • Statistical Process Control 
    • Six Sigma
  57. ISO 9000
    quality assurance procedures companies must install that can be audited by registrars or independent quality- assurance experts
  58. Statistical Process Control
    statistical technique that uses periodic random samples from production runs to see if quality is being maintained
  59. Six Sigma
    Rigorous statistical analysis process that reduces defects in manufacturing and service-related processes
  60. Warehouse is for longer term storage and Distribution Center is much more rapid in and out
  61. Transformation Process
    • Converting basic resources into finished products
    • adds value to resources
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