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  1. amphiarthrosis
    joint with little movement
  2. axial
    straight line through a physical body
  3. brachial
    having to do with an arm
  4. bursa
    saclike connective structure found in some joints, protects moving parts from friction
  5. calcaneus
    the heel bone
  6. carpal
    a wrist bone
  7. chondrogenesis
    formation of cartilage
  8. chondroid
    resembling cartilage
  9. coccyx
  10. diaphysis
    shaft of the long bone
  11. diarthrosis
    synovial joint
  12. endosteum
    inner membrane layer of the bone
  13. epiphysis
    end of long bone
  14. flexion
    bending a joint
  15. malleolus
    bony protrusion on either side of ankle
  16. maxilla
    bone above the upper teeth
  17. medullary cavity
    bone marrow cavity
  18. occipital bone
    one of the 6 main cranial bones
  19. os coxae
    hip bone
  20. osseous
    bone tissue
  21. ossification
    bone formation
  22. osteogenesis
    formation of bone
  23. parietal bones
    2 of the 6 main cranial bones
  24. patella
  25. pectoral girdle
    shoulder girdle
  26. periosteum
    membrane that surrounds the outside of bone
  27. sacrum
    bone formed from 5 vertibrae fused together near the base of spinal column
  28. suture
    in the skeletal system, a fibrous membrane joining bones
  29. synarthrosis
    joint with no movement
  30. talus
    bone in ankle that articulates with tibia and fibula
  31. tarsals
    bones of the sole of the foot
  32. tarsus
    insetp or sole of foot
  33. xiphoid process
    bony, daggerlike structure at lower end of sternum
  34. zygomatic bones
    a facial bone
  35. arthrocele
    swelling of a joint
  36. arthrochondritis
    inflammation of cartilage in a joint
  37. arthrodynia
    pain in joint
  38. arthrosis
    disintegration of joint
  39. bursitis
    inflammation of a bursa
  40. carpal tunnel syndrome
    condition characterized by wrist pain, often occurring during sleep
  41. chondrodynia
    pain originating in cartilage
  42. chondromalacia
    softening of cartilage
  43. chondrosarcoma
    malignant tumor arising from cartilage
  44. compound fracture
    break in the bone where bone comes through the skin; open fracture
  45. costalgia
    pain in rib
  46. costochondritis
    inflammation of rib cartilage
  47. dactylalgia
    pain in a finger
  48. dactylodynia
    pain in a finger
  49. dactylomegaly
    enlargement of 1 or more fingers or toes
  50. herniated disc
    protrusion of a fragmented intervertebral disc in the intervertebral foramen with potential compression of a nerve
  51. kyphosis
    humpback, anteriorly concave curvature of thoracic and sacral region of spine
  52. lordosis
    swayback, abnormal anteriorly convex curvature of lumbar part of spine
  53. ostealgia
    pain in a bone
  54. osteitis
    inflammation of bone
  55. osteomalacia
    softening of bone
  56. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of bone marrow
  57. osteopenia
    abnormally low bone density
  58. osteoporosis
    atrophy and thinning of bone tissue
  59. osteosarcoma
    highly malignant tumor of bone
  60. rheumatoid arthritis
    affects connective tissues involving joints (hands and feet)
  61. rickets
    disease from vit D deficiency calcification and sof bones with skeletal deformities
  62. scoliosis
    lateral curvature of spine. S-shaped curvature
  63. arthrocentesis
    removing fluid from a joint
  64. arthrogram
    radiograph of a joint
  65. arthrometry
    measurement of the amount of movement in a joint
  66. arthrectomy
    excision of a joint
  67. arthroplasty
    surgical repair of a joint
  68. arthrotomy
    surgical incision into a joint
  69. carpectomy
    excision of part of wrist
  70. chondroplasty
    surgical repair of cartilage
  71. costectomy
    excision of a rib
  72. ostectomy
    surgical removal of bone
  73. osteoplasty
    surgical repair of bone
  74. osteorrhaphy
    suturing together parts of a broken bone
  75. osteotomy
    surgical cutting of bone
  76. vertebrectomy
    excision of vertebra
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