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  1. fascia
    fibrous sheath of connective tissue that covers a muscle
  2. prime mover
    muscle that has principal responsibility for a given movement
  3. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease)
    progressive degeneration of nerve tracts of spinal cord, causing muscular atrophy
  4. asthenia
  5. atonia
    flaccidity, lack of muscle tone, relaxation of muscle
  6. carpal tunnel syndrome
    tendons going through carpal tunnel in the wrist become chronically swollen and inflamed
  7. epicondylitis
    inflammation of tissues around elbow, golfer or tennis elbow
  8. fibromyalgia
    chronic disorder characterized by widespread aching and stiffness of muscles and sfot tissues
  9. hemiparesis
    slight paralysis of one side of body
  10. hemiplegia
    total paralysis of one side of body
  11. muscular dystrophy
    group of inherited muscle disorders that cause muscle weakness without affecting nervous system
  12. myasthenia gravis
    immunologic disorder by fluctuating weakness, especially of facial and external eye muscle
  13. myocele
    hernia of a muscle
  14. myoparesis
    weakness or partial paralysis of a muscle
  15. paraplegia
    paralysis of both legs and lower part of body
  16. periostitis
    inflammation of the periosteum or covering that surrounds bones
  17. plantar fasciitis
    inflammation of plantar fascia causing heel pain
  18. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
    treated for muscular disorders (hamstring injuries, sprains, strains)
  19. tenorrhaphy
    suturing of a tendon
  20. tenotomy
    incision into a tendon
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